June PE

What a great fortnight for PE at our school.  On the 7th June our Year 5 / 6 swim team did themselves and the school proud at the swim gala at Gillots School in Henley.  Previously the team met and decided on which stroke they would undertake in the gala with very little adult input.  We were very proud of their maturity and consideration of others.  The children had a number of individual first and second places and reported back about what a great experienced this had been.


Our summer programme of Sport is well underway.  The 12th June saw us playing a friendly Rounders game at Cranford House School.  Our team of 12 children from year 4 had previously received some excellent coaching by Mrs Hermsen and played as part of their PE lesson.  The children have been developing their skill in batting, throwing and catching.  All the children had a great afternoon!


On the 14th June Year 3 class went to Wallingford School for an afternoon of developing their tennis skill playing with four other local primary schools.  They developed many tennis skills including backhand, forehand and serving.  The children were split into groups with the other schools and spent time at each station developing a particular skill.

Florence said “it was great to practise all the different things”.  I didn’t know I could do backhand”

Monday saw the start of netball skills training for year 4 with Mrs Hermsen.  We are incredibly fortunate to have Mrs Hermsen coming into school on a Monday lunchtime to offer netball skills.  This week the children worked on passing and receiving the ball and pivot turns.  It was fantastic to see the children progress so well within half an hour of coaching.


This Tuesday saw the Year 5 / 6 Cricket team do themselves proud.  Our team of 24 budding cricketers took on Benson Primary and Brightwell on one of the hottest days of the year!  Crowmarsh hosted the cricket match at Crowmarsh Pavilion.  Thank you to the parents that made the matches to cheer our young team on.   We were so pleased with how the teams helped each other with great sportsmanship.  The game saw lots of boundaries and wickets.  There was some great batting.

“I had a great time and it was really fun.  We worked extremely well together and we got loads of 4s, 6s and wickets” Reuben (Joint Captain)

Do we have any other parents with sporting ability out there that would be willing to offer  lunchtime or after school coaching in any sport?  Mr Baroni and Mrs Hermsen have really helped progress our children with additional coaching in Tag Rugby, Hockey, Rounders and Netball.  It’s been great to see the children gain in sports skill and overall confidence.


Mrs Scott

PE Coordinator

22nd June 2017

Week 7 (17/07/17)

We have come to the end of a very exciting and exhausting year and I am sure that everyone is looking forward to a very well earned break. There have been many high lights over the year; our local nature walks to look at the seasons changing, making bread and Christmas cakes, the Fairy Tale theatre visit at Christmas, our visit from BBOWT, our trip to Oxford Castle and more recently our local history tour of the village to learn about the changing face of Crowmarsh.

The children have worked really hard and each one has made progress across the curriculum. The teaching assistants Mrs Hyde, Mrs Bennett and Miss Wagner have been absolutely amazing in supporting the children and have made such a positive contribution to the children’s progress, health and happiness. I am incredibly grateful to each of them for their hard work and extensive contributions towards making class one a happy place to be this year.

All that remains is for me to say a big thank you to everyone who gave me such a special day last week when the children voiced their thoughts of me as their teacher by singing and reciting songs and poems about their memories of being in my class. In addition, huge thank you also to Emma the cook for the incredible tasty cakes she made for everyone to enjoy at the end of the afternoon. Yummy!

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank teachers, governors and parents for your tremendous generosity, gifts, cards and kind messages. Much appreciated.

I wish you all a very happy, relaxed and peaceful summer holidays so that everyone is invigorated for the next academic year.


Week 6 (10/07/17)

On Monday, Class 4 spent the day planning, designing and creating Roman sandals. First we looked at different designs and then had a go at sketching some of our own ideas. We then chose one design and made an initial template out of paper. We then thought about how well the sandal fitted and what was needed to make it better. Several paper sandals later, we all had a template that we were happy with. We then drew around the template onto the fabric and cut it out. Finally, we put our sandals on and laced them up! We are really pleased with the results and are looking forward to taking the sandals home.

This week in maths we continued to work on division. We have been doing written division using a number line and then we moved onto the more formal written ‘chunking’ method. Ask us how to solve 96 ÷ 6 = ? and 128 ÷ 8 = ?

Next week, we will be spending the first few afternoons rehearsing, filming and editing our own silent movies.

Homework & Reading

We have continued to have some great homework this week.

Please email any PowerPoint homework to –


Well done to everyone who continues to read regularly!

Week 6 ( 10/07/17)

In English we have been using the notes we made last week to write information texts about bears. We had to work hard to turn our notes into full sentences, joining our ides with conjunctions and starting our sentences in different ways. We wrote about the eight different species of bears, where bears live, what they eat and what they look like.

At the beginning of the week, in maths, we continued our work on fractions, counting in halves and quarters using number lines. Later in the week we brushed up on our adding and subtracting skills. We had to use our reasoning skills to help us solve different problems and challenges. For example, ‘The total of 3 odd numbers will always be odd, true or false?’  Each time we solved a problem we had to prove our answers and explain our thinking.

At the end of last week we carried out a really interesting investigation involving bread, dirty hands and clean hands! We’ve started to see the results this week – ask us to tell you all about it.

On Tuesday we were fortunate enough to have a visit from Mr Wilkes to talk about bees. He showed us some of his bee keeping equipment, photos of his hives and explained how bees make honey. We also got to taste some of the honey. It was delicious! We asked lots of interesting questions and listened really carefully to the answers.

This morning we spent the morning in our new classroom with Miss Smith. We had a great time. Ask us to tell you what we got up to.

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Marsh, Mrs Lucas, Mrs Scott and Class 2


My Leaving Words for the Class of 2017…

Some say that every cloud has a silver lining.

I like to think that every cloud holds an opportunity.

Will you be the person sitting safe inside, wrapped in a soft cocoon,

Or will you be the one perched on top…

Watching, waiting…

For that chance to make a difference?

Will you be the one who sets their cloud ablaze?


When the path divides,

Will you be the one who chooses the path less travelled?

When your beliefs are challenged,

Will you be the one to maintain integrity?

When your time is demanded,

Will you be the one to take a step back to refocus your priorities?

When others don’t have a voice,

Will you encourage them and stand up for them with your words?

When you see injustice,

Will you be a leader and make things right?


Will you carve out your own path?

Will you stand firm in your beliefs?

Will you take time to continually reflect on your priorities?

Will you be a voice for those without one?

Will you always be a leader?


To balance unwaveringly on top of that cloud,

You need courage.

You only need faith the size of a mustard seed to move a mountain,

So courage in equal measure?

Imagine the possibilities…


Remember that God never gives you more than you can handle.

So, be that cloud surfer,

Poised and ready for the next challenge that is sure to come your way.

Be you…

But know who YOU are.

Be different…

Ready to stand apart from the crowd.


Be a leader…

Unafraid to stand alone.

Go out into this world

And don’t hide your light.


Be phenomenal

And Shine On!


Week 5 (03/07/17)

We had some good news this week! We found out that our class were runners up in the 5 Days Wild Challenge.


BBOWT were overwhelmed with the number of entries and the amount of effort our class put into the challenge, and said our scrapbook was truly delightful. Although our class was not one of the two winners we received a runner up certificate and a 5 Days Wild badge for everyone.


So I’d like to say a big well done to Class One, their work was really lovely. We had fun and learnt lots too. Hopefully everyone will take part again next year.


On Wednesday everyone was excited before and exhausted after taking part in Sports Day. Well done everyone for not giving up in the heat.

In maths lessons we have been doing some speed tasks to see if we can complete 60 addition calculations in less than 10 minutes. Lots of us can. 

We have moved on with our new topic, Houses and Homes. We have been discussing different kinds of homes, the building materials and their features. In our English lessons we have been writing about our homes and using wow words ( adjectives ) to describe features of our bedrooms.

We have made a big class model of a tower block with eight floors and lots of windows. We have also made a model of a row of terrace houses and we painted them ice-cream colours like seaside houses.

On  Monday 10th July, we will be doing a local history walk around Crowmarsh with our local historian extraordinaire, Mr Nigel Hannigan! We will be exploring the different homes and other significant buildings in the village.

There is a chance of a shower so make sure your child has a rain jacket. Thanks so much.


Mrs Nixon

Week 5 (03/07/17)


We are putting together the final touches to our performance of Macbeth.  Our lines and timings are ingrained and established, the focus has been to now introduce expression, volume and passion. All the scenes are being ironed out so our show will look slick and professional.


Sports Day

This has been a great chance for the Sports Leaders and House Leaders to steer and guide our houses to glory.


Next week

It will be our very last week to wear Crowmarsh School uniform…..ever! We will be clearing up our belongings and saying “farewell” to all the familiar rooms and routines that we’ve come to know so well in primary school.

Week 5 (03/07/17)

In English, we have continued to take inspiration from our topic text ‘Wild’, by Emily Hughes; however, this week we have focused on non-fiction. Some of the main character’s friends in the story are bears so we decided to research bears, making notes and planning a non-chronological report about them.  We talked about the features of non-fiction texts and how the index and contents can be used.

In maths we have been recapping what we know about fractions: identifying them, writing them and finding fractions of quantities (for example ¼ of 16).

We continued our RE work about Shabbat with Mrs Hyde on Wednesday morning, before heading onto the field in the sunshine to enjoy sports day. It was lovely to see so many of you there for the event and we hope that you enjoyed it.  Special thanks go to Mrs Scott who organised the whole thing, having never organised a Sports Day before – we’re sure you’ll agree she did a fantastic job!

On Thursday morning, we visited our new classroom and met our new Year 3 teacher, Miss Smith.  We will have another hand-up morning next Friday. Key Stage 2, here we come!

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Lucas, Mrs Marsh and Mrs Scott