Week 5 (22/05/17)


 We began a topic news video report on the alleged murder of King Duncan by Macbeth. In groups we discussed and drafted our scripts taking into account how we wanted our characters to react to each other; what information we need to give over to our viewers and how we wanted the end result to appear. This involved using all the ipads in school and recording our ‘pieces’ to camera. Once all the separate clips were captured we transferred them onto the school laptops to edit. We had fun showing each of the finished News Reports to the class and what brilliant reporters and interviewees we are.



 We have generated our own questions to investigate; this has been restricted to collecting raw data from everybody in the class. We needed to think about the most efficient and effective way of collating the data, representing the results ready to analyse. Once this was done we generated a graph and a pie chart,,, complete with fractions!


Memories of our time at Crowmarsh School

In our free-writing time we are putting down all our memories from out time spent at school. This has been a great thing to do thinking back to all the fun and fab times we’ve shared.


Tag Rugby Tournament Year 6 Oxford University Rugby Club May 2017

Team:   Cameron Morgan (Captain), Hannah Millsop, Leah Pellegry, Zak Jones, Peter Clayton-Chance, Billy Carrington, James Andrews, Oliver Millbourn, Grace Hendy, Ruby Keable, Reuben Baroni, Klay Fisher

The Hallowed ground quaked under the pounding of studs and trainers.  Each school represented by their quality sportsmen.  Crowmarsh quickly began to rise up as formidable opponents; winning our first two heats and drawing in the next.  The steady rotation of players ensured that we were performing at our peak throughout the complete tournament.  Making it the Semi-finals; we lost out on a golden try!

Our sincere thanks go to Mr Paul Baroni who nurtured and coached us into becoming this team of triumphant titans.




Week 5 (22/05/17)

In English this week, we finished off our descriptive recounts of an adventure along a beach in Myst V. We have also been learning about speech punctuation, we know when to use inverted commas and other speech punctuation within sentences. On Wednesday, we looked at an icy/ snowy image from Myst V and we have planned, written and edited our own imaginative stories based on the picture.

In Maths, we have been learning about factor pairs. We initially used cubes to help to see how factor pairs can be found. We thought carefully about working logically to ensure nothing is missed and we applied commutative law to our work. Ask us to find all of the factor pairs of 42. Later in the week we started looking at multiplying 3 numbers mentally.

On Monday, we completed our Maze games in Scratch. Having already designed the maze, we programmed a sprite to move around. We extended our programming so that the game stopped when the sprite went off track or reached the end and we added some sound effects.

We hope that you all have a lovely half term.

Homework & Reading

Half term homework – Please use half term to catch up on any homework from this term. A new takeaway homework grid will be given out after half term.

Please email any PowerPoint homework to –


Well done to everyone who continues to read regularly!

Week 5 (22/05/17)

SATs are over!!

We would like to congratulate Year 2 for being such amazing purple learners this week.  They have put in an enormous amount of effort and demonstrated the resilience, grit and determination that we talk so much about in school.  We are extremely proud of their efforts and hope that they now have a really enjoyable half-term break.

While not taking part in tests, we have spent most of our time outside enjoying the fabulous sunshine.  The children have searched for minibeasts, completed shape hunts, looked for things beginning with each letter of the alphabet, played games and enjoyed extra PE and playtimes.

We hope you all have a fantastic break and look forward to seeing you all after half term.

Mrs Lucas, Mrs Marsh and Mrs Scott

Week 5 (22/05/17)

At the moment we are making Fact-files about Animals.

We are learning about Mammals, Reptiles, Birds, Fish, Amphibians and Insects. Last week we learnt about mammals and reptiles, thinking about the similarities and differences. For example, are they cold or warm-blooded or do they lay eggs or have live young?

This week our focus has been birds and fish. Do they have feathers or scales and can they fly or swim?

We went on a bird-spotting walk to Crowmarsh Rec to see which common British birds we could see. I think we managed to see 10 out of 12 birds on the spot-it sheet.

Today we have been learning about fish and how to draw them.

We still need to cover Amphibians and Insects, so if you have any books about these at home bring them in to share in class.

Homework task: Draw and colour a fish and write some facts.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the good weather.

Purple Learning Week and the Thames Run and Summer Fayre

What an amazing end to a spectacular week!

This week marked our second Purple Learning week.  Throughout the week we had key themes that we focused on, weaving in the key elements into every lesson, maths, English, science….Monday was about setting goals, Tuesday was about reflection, Wednesday was looking at the Learning Pit, and Thursday and Friday focused on collaboration and team work.

Purple Learning underpins everything we do at Crowmarsh.  We know that learning the skills of how to be the most effective learners, will ensure that all pupils learn to be independent and learn how to challenge themselves in all aspects of their learning.  Teaching these skills last for a lifetime.

On Tuesday this week we welcomed Diana Pardoe back into our school.  She led a fascinating session on learning for parents.  It was great to see many of our new parents join us.

Finally, on Sunday, we celebrated with our annual Thames Run and Summer Faye.  The weather was beautiful and we had a huge turnout.  A massive thank you to our PTA and dedicated parents who help support our school to be the amazing place it is.  We couldn’t do it without you!

Multiplication, Wonder and Diary Entries!

We can’t believe we only have one week left!

Last week we looked at more multiplication problems, thinking about what actually happens to the numbers when we multiply by 10, 100 and 1000 and then looking at multiplying by one digit and two digit numbers.  We are looking at a range of methods to solve these questions, including moving onto the bar model next week.

We have looked further at prime numbers, square numbers, factors and multiples.  We continue to revise key multiplication skills in the afternoons.

If you would like to practice here are some great website to help:

Factor Trees

Thinking Blocks – Multiplication

Sieve of Eratosthenes

Rectangle Multiplication

In English, we continue to read Wonder.  We have looked at Precepts and begun to think of our own – we will eventually finalise one to put with our self-portraits that we have done ‘Wonder’ style.  We have been focusing on writing from different perspectives, thinking about language, viewpoint and opinions that different characters would suggest.  Therefore, we have written a few diary entries from characters from the book, thinking about these key success criteria.

In science we have been looking at plants and life cycles.  We dissected plants and begun looking at their detailed parts and using this to inspire watercolour sketches.

Next week we will continue to look at various methods to solve multiplication and to begin looking at a range of word problems and missing number problems.

In English, we will continue thinking about perspective and write a missing chapter for Wonder.

In ICT we will continue to compose our own rhythms and beats using Ipads.

Week 4 (15/05/17)

“On Monday, we did a practice of our leaver’s play: Macbeth. It was the performant of the hurly burly; we had a phase where we face each other (not really) a battle cry (we didn’t make noise) and three clash-of-attacks where only eight people of the class survived at the last clash. At 12:00 cycling people had their lunch early and some stayed in for it and some stayed out for it.

Tuesday was another practice run of the hurly burly in Macbeth. It was the same really. We had lunch after and it was just a normal afternoon PPA with French PE and PSHCE. It was also purple learning week so we did make a purple learning triangle that showed others what we enjoyed what we wanted to do more what we struggled on and what we improved on. Just a normal day.

On Wednesday, we started an investigation about how many dolly steps it would take to walk across one of the side’s in the classroom. We had to do estimates about how many tables it would take to measure one side of our classroom. But one important thing was that we had to draw around our feet then measure the length and the width. And there were a whole range of opinions on which method to use on finding our estimates. And we began our plan to answer the question: Is this a good start to a play? (Macbeth by William Shakespeare). After lunch was another investigation about natural selection. Is it like a fact or a theory after watching the 9 minute video? It is your opinion so there is no correct answer.    Amelia Hughes


Cycling proficiency 

On Thursday, we continued to practice our turns at junctions and looking for other road-users and remembered our ABCD-Air (for the tyres) Brakes, Chain and Drop (To check that everything was attached correctly)-when we were preparing to go. We were also taught how to do right turns.   James Andrews


We are developing our skills of gathering and collating data, with the end result of being able to present our information in a clear and well explained format.


Having looked at the first few scenes of Shakespeare’s Macbeth we were able to answer a question on our opinion of the start to this play.


How species have evolved by the results of Natural Selection and Common Descent through studying the Ambulocetus (when whales had legs).

Overall, we are preparing ourselves and our work to become Year 7s by considering “Am I using my time effectively?” & “How professional am I?”

Week 4 (15/05/17)

This week in maths, we have been learning to tell the time and solve problems involving time.  We know that there are 60 minutes in one hour and have practised counting around the clock in 5s help us tell the time.  When trying to find times to the hour, such as twenty to 5, we have been learning that this is “twenty minutes before the next o’clock/hour.” For these times we can count backwards in 5s from the o’clock time (e.g. start at 5 o’clock and count back in 5s to find twenty to 5).  For times past the hour, such as 25 past 4, we know that this means 25 mins after the o’clock time; so, we can count on in 5s until we get to 25 past.

Our writing this week has been linked to our science work on minibeasts.  We designed our own ‘superbugs’ last week and this week we have written information texts about them.  Having looked at some good and some bad examples of information pages, we decided on what ours should include.  Our success criteria involved: organising our writing into clear sections with headings, using different sentence types, using appropriate adjectives and writing in the present tense.  Some of our information texts are so good that people might believe our superbugs actually exist!

As you know, next week the children will be taking their SATs tests in reading, maths and spelling & grammar.  The tests will be spread out from Monday to Thursday but we have not told the children that they will be tested.  They are used to the kinds of booklets and questions, so will just take part in them like they have been over recent weeks.  We don’t want them to be worried; all we ask is that they have a good night’s sleep, a proper breakfast and arrive on time each day.  If you know your child will be absent at all next week (which we hope is not the case) please inform us as soon as possible so that we can make alternative arrangements for them.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Lucas, Mrs Marsh and Mrs Scott

Week 4 (15/05/17)

This week has been our Purple Learning week. We have thought about our goals for the rest of our time in Year 4 and we know our steps to success. We have also been reflecting on the year and we all made a reflection tetrahedron!

In English this week, we finished off our non-chronological reports about the bubbles on Myst. We had some great ideas about what the bubbles could have been used for and where they might be found. This week we have also been looking at recounts. We imagined that we had walked around the beach and the caves on Myst, and we have been writing descriptive recounts of the adventure.

In Maths, we have been working on multiplication. We have learnt that multiplication is commutative so 5 x 9 is the same as 9 x 5. We have also been looking at how we can use doubling to help us learn our times tables. So if we know that 3 x 4  = 12, we can work out that 3 x 8  = 24. Later in the week we started to look at division and how this can be represented pictorially.

On Wednesday we had a great afternoon cooking with seasonal foods.

Homework & Reading

As always, some great homework has been completed, PowerPoint presentations about an animal has been a popular choice this week!

Please email any PowerPoint homework to –


Well done to everyone who continues to read regularly!

Week 3 (08/05/17)

Dear Parents/Carers,

The children have really been excited by their new theme ‘Space’. During the first week they visited the space dome and had a story told to them about Orion. The children listened to the story of ‘Whatever Next’ and talked about what they would take to the moon, creating their own list.

Last week we shared the story of ‘Aliens Love Underpants’ The children made predictions about what could happen and then created their own story titles. As a class the children learnt about story maps and created a story map for Aliens Love underpants.

This week we have created our own stories. We threw three story telling dice and told stories about aliens using the titles the children had created the previous week. In small groups we created story maps for their stories. The children created their own story maps and then began to write their own stories.

This week the children have been subtracting during Maths. The children have been trying to solve Merlin’s maths problems, our maths dinosaur. The children have been using a variety of resources and strategies, to find the answer. You could help at home by giving your children real life subtraction problems.

Last week the children moved to music composed by Holst and Adams, they then created artwork in response to these classical pieces of music. The children watched a space themed clip this week and then created the music for the short clip. They talked about the different types of instruments they could use and then played them at different times and changed the dynamics creating a fabulous piece of music to enhance the clip. Well Done Class R!

The children are looking forward to doing their Physical sessions on the school field with Mr Aplin when the weather is slightly warmer. Please ensure that your child has their full P.E kit and Plimsolls in school so they have them when they need them.

Thank you and have a great weekend, remember to share your books at home over the weekend we look forward to hearing about what you have been learning.

Many Thanks,

Miss Zimmerman, Mrs Bowden, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Conway.