June PE

What a great fortnight for PE at our school.  On the 7th June our Year 5 / 6 swim team did themselves and the school proud at the swim gala at Gillots School in Henley.  Previously the team met and decided on which stroke they would undertake in the gala with very little adult input.  We were very proud of their maturity and consideration of others.  The children had a number of individual first and second places and reported back about what a great experienced this had been.


Our summer programme of Sport is well underway.  The 12th June saw us playing a friendly Rounders game at Cranford House School.  Our team of 12 children from year 4 had previously received some excellent coaching by Mrs Hermsen and played as part of their PE lesson.  The children have been developing their skill in batting, throwing and catching.  All the children had a great afternoon!


On the 14th June Year 3 class went to Wallingford School for an afternoon of developing their tennis skill playing with four other local primary schools.  They developed many tennis skills including backhand, forehand and serving.  The children were split into groups with the other schools and spent time at each station developing a particular skill.

Florence said “it was great to practise all the different things”.  I didn’t know I could do backhand”

Monday saw the start of netball skills training for year 4 with Mrs Hermsen.  We are incredibly fortunate to have Mrs Hermsen coming into school on a Monday lunchtime to offer netball skills.  This week the children worked on passing and receiving the ball and pivot turns.  It was fantastic to see the children progress so well within half an hour of coaching.


This Tuesday saw the Year 5 / 6 Cricket team do themselves proud.  Our team of 24 budding cricketers took on Benson Primary and Brightwell on one of the hottest days of the year!  Crowmarsh hosted the cricket match at Crowmarsh Pavilion.  Thank you to the parents that made the matches to cheer our young team on.   We were so pleased with how the teams helped each other with great sportsmanship.  The game saw lots of boundaries and wickets.  There was some great batting.

“I had a great time and it was really fun.  We worked extremely well together and we got loads of 4s, 6s and wickets” Reuben (Joint Captain)

Do we have any other parents with sporting ability out there that would be willing to offer  lunchtime or after school coaching in any sport?  Mr Baroni and Mrs Hermsen have really helped progress our children with additional coaching in Tag Rugby, Hockey, Rounders and Netball.  It’s been great to see the children gain in sports skill and overall confidence.


Mrs Scott

PE Coordinator

22nd June 2017

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 Incredible Spirit at Crowmarsh!

Year 5, TAG Rugby

Crowmarsh entered a Year 5 team into the Oxfordshire Schools Tag Rugby Tournament held at the Hithercroft Sports Park in Wallingford on 26 April 2017.  Mr Baroni, our Parent Helper Coach took our team to the tournament having previously run a lunchtime coaching session.  Here’s some feedback from Mr Baroni –

“It was an opportunity for those new to Tag Rugby to try out this high energy sport and our school fielded a squad of eight Year 5 Players – none of whom had played before the coaching session held the previous day in school. Many of the schools we met clearly played Tag Rugby regularly and had much bigger Year 6 teams!

The team took on this challenge with an incredible spirit and despite losing the first couple of matches, went on to secure a win in the third match. Oscar, Sophie, Toby and George were amongst the try scorers and there were some real heroics in defence, with everyone working together as a team. A couple of the squad commented that they had ‘found new talents’ that they didn’t know about and were sad to see the tournament finish with a narrow 5-3 defeat in the final round.

With another tournament coming up in May, it will be an opportunity for us to field a team who will benefit from some lunchtime coaching sessions ahead of the tournament.”

Here’s some comments from the team –

“We learned about positions, new plans and techniques, it was great to win a game” George

“We needed to stay positive and persevere”  Emily

“The best thing was the teamwork” Marnie

“We had fun and would definitely do it again” All

A big thank you to Mr Baroni who is planning further coaching sessions for our Year 6 Tag Rugby Tournament at the end of May

Mrs Scott

PE Coordinator



 What a great week for PE at Crowmarsh. It was wonderful to see so many children take on a personal challenge at the School’s fun run on Sunday.

Here’s a report from mid-May following on from Year 6 SATs –

A fun Tag Rugby Tournament was held for our Year 6 pupils on a sunny Thursday afternoon to help them relax and let off some steam following the end of their SATs and a week of focus and concentration.

Set out over 2 hours, Mr Baroni ran the event in their House Teams, playing 7-a-side games which culminated in a knock-out competition and a Grand Final. In what was a well contested last match, the Tudors beat the Victorians in narrow victory. This complimented other coaching that he has been running.

Aside from the results, our Year 6 pupils showed a real willingness to get involved despite many of them not having played before. Even those who were slightly unsure about this new sport soon made a great contribution to their team and some may even have surprised themselves a little at how quickly they improved over the course of the session.

The focus of this event was definitely on fun but equally important were the concepts of team play, fair play and effort. The Year 6 pupils also ran the lines, scored and helped referee in parts, showing great maturity as they transition into young adults.

The Year 6 TAG Rugby tournament took place at the iconic Iffley Road Ground of Oxford University Rugby Club yesterday.  Our Captain Cameron led the dedicated players who worked together well as a team.  A special thank you to Mrs Millbourn who helped ensure that the children could take part in the tournament.  Mrs  Millbourn commented “the children were a credit to the school, they supported each other and tried really hard, particularly in the heat”.

We have rounders, swimming and tennis tournaments taking place following the half term holidays.  Extra rounders coaching has taken place this week thanks to Mrs Hermsen.



What a great start to the new term with a team of Year 5/6 swimmers taking part in the South Oxfordshire Swimming Gala Final.  We entered a total team of eleven – a girls and boys team strongly headed up by captains Ruby and James.

The gala consisted of four individual races (back stroke, breast stroke, butterfly and freestyle) and two relays (medley and freestyle).

The Swimming Gala was fun.  We came 4th and all really enjoyed it.  Ruby

The Swimming Gala, I believe it was really good, well organised event.  Everyone in the team tried their hardest and we all had a great time.  James

Once again, our team made us very proud owing to their positive approach and maturity.  They definitely tried their hardest!

Running Club resumes next week for KS2.  We had previously said that we would swop to KS1 this term but, on reflection, last term was short.  We will run running club for KS1 from September.

Mrs Scott

PE Coordinator

April 2017

“Its not always the best that win.  It’s the ones that never give up that win” Drew Cuevas

Teamwork at its best

at the Oxfordshire Years 5&6 Mixed County Final

Friday 31st March 2017

This was a remarkable day for Crowmarsh at the Hockey County finals at Tilsley Park. Our two teams had previously done so well at the tournaments to get to this stage.  The play was to a very high standard, every school worked so hard and Crowmarsh coped well under the pressure.  The team headed up by Captain Peter Clayton-Chance played incredibly well and earned a very respectable 4th place.  All the team played well together and were respectful of the rules and etiquette of the game.  They put in 100% effort and were the very best they could be.  Well done to you all!

Here’s some comments from the Team :

Peter  – “We played really well as a team, we worked together well.  The playing was the important thing; winning and losing didn’t matter as much because we learnt from the whole experience. It was really fun.”

Ruby – “It was fun and a good opportunity to reach the County finals where we could challenge ourselves as well as enjoy ourselves.”

Louis  – “It was good to play against the other teams, be able to use proper equipment and be refereed by somebody totally independent.”

Hannah – “It was good to play against teams that were all of a high standard because this really challenged us, also we worked well as a team.  We passed to each other not just our friends.  We covered the pitch well and came 4th!”

James – “I think it was very well organised and a good tournament, we were all extremely well organised and worked well together.  Each of us played out position effectively and all together we became a strong team.”

Mrs Scott

PE Coordinator

March 2017

 “Don’t stop when you’re tired.  Stop when you are done” Unknown

 A Phenomenal Team of Runners and  

a Proud Day for Crowmarsh Gifford C of E Primary School

Cross Country at RAF Benson

Saturday 25th March 2017

What a proud day for our School and our team of 42 eager runners spanning Year 1 to 6.  Nearly one fifth of the children from our school had turned out for this race, on a Saturday too!  With the weather on our side and a great crowd of runners from many schools, incredibly supportive and encouraging parents and grandparents there was a wonderful air of excitement.

RAF Benson Primary School had done themselves proud with a slick cross-country race that ran like clockwork.  RAF Benson also worked very hard in ensuring everyone got onto the base without any hold-ups.

With staggered start times the children started arriving for their races.  Races were starting at a distance of 650m for Years 1 and 2 up to 1700m for Year 6. Race after race, the children who had to present their race place number back to the Crowmarsh School registration desk arrived with a smile on their face looking very pleased with themselves and rightfully so!

Here’s some of the comments from the children who raced …

“I loved my sprint finish, I managed to overtake at the end, it felt good.”  Peter Year 6

“Crowmarsh School looked really organised with the flag and everything.  I had a rush of adrenaline the whole way around.  There was such a scramble to the finish.  When I got the medal I felt pride and a big sense of achievement.   I will definitely do it again!” Cameron Year 6

“It felt really good getting my medal!”  Chris Year 4

“I felt both happy and exhausted!”  Krists Year 4

“When I finished the race I fell on the floor as I was so tired, I was so excited too.  I was very pleased with myself”  Ava Year 4

“I thought it was scary and nerve wracking but when everyone was cheering me on I felt confident and kept going.”  Florence Year 3

‘When’s the next race?  I was worried in the beginning, I thought I couldn’t do it but I surprised myself.”  Oliver Year 3

“I loved running the race, it was nice to cheer people on and encourage them.”  Ellen Year 2

“The race was really good fun.  It felt really long, the best bit was the sprint at the end.  I was surprised and very happy that I came 3rd.”   Samui Year 2

‘It was really good fun.  I was scared but I knew I could do it.  I thought I would come last but I did very well.  I ran out of breath in the middle so ran really slowly and then found some energy.”  I’m looking forward to running again and doing even better.Isaac Year 2

‘I felt proud, I tried my best.”  Finlay Year 2

‘I felt pretty good at the end.”  Olivia Year 1

“I really enjoyed it.  I have never been so tired in all my life’ Maxim Year 1

A medal presentation took place at the end of the races with medals awarded by the RAF Benson Station Commander.  Three Crowmarsh children won medals.  There was apprehension in the air as the overall winners of the John William Stacey Memorial Cup were read out.  A loud cheer was heard when Crowmarsh School was given 2nd place with RAF Benson School coming 1st.  Everyone from Crowmarsh who ran in the races had a part to play in securing 2nd place.  Well done everyone who ran and thank you to all parents and grandparents who came along and supported and encouraged the children.













We are pleased to carry on with our running theme next term and will be starting a Thursday after-school running club (3.15-4.10) after the Easter holidays (staying on-site this will be a mixture of games, distance and speed work) for KS2 before May half term and Years 1 and 2 after half term.  If your KS2 child is interested then please let me know via the office as soon as possible.  This will be first-come first-serve basis.

We will continue to give sporting updates in our Newsletter and on the website.  Please help encourage and support your child(ren) to take part in future tournaments as we are continue to raise the profile of PE at our school.

Tracey Scott

PE Coordinator

Spring Term 2 2017

Year 3-4 5 A Side Football at Wallingford School

Thursday 9th February 2017

It was a freezing cold day but that didn’t deter the 5 A Side team.

“Football was a really good experience despite the cold.  Pastor Simon was a great coach.  We had lots of fun even though we didn’t win.”


Year 3-6 Cross Country at Rotherfield United FC

Thursday 9th February 2017

It was a cold crisp day, we needed to keep moving to keep warm.  The course was a mixture of school playing field and around the perimeter of a rugby pitch.  It had a slope between the two areas and an avenue of trees that we ran between.

“We all tried our best and completed the distance”.

“I enjoyed competing against other schools, it made us really motivated.”

“The cross country was long, tiring but enjoyable.”

“People were cheering us all along the course, this was great.”

“Everyone did really well and tried their best.”

“There was a good team spirit and the organisation that ran the event made it really competitive and successful race.”

“I would love to do it again.”

Year 5-6 Hockey at Wallingford School

Monday 27th February 2017

It was a cold afternoon with a very heavy downpour just before we started playing.  This weather did not deter the strength of character of our teams.  The tournament was run in heats with schools providing two or three teams.  Crowmarsh provided two teams.  We had a mix of boys and girls in Years 5 and 6 in each team.  Captains came forward and asked to lead the teams – everyone worked so well together getting the team into position.

‘We played well and remembered to congratulate our opponents regardless of score.”

“The hockey tournament was really good fun because we played well and tried our hardest which paid off as the B team got into the final.  We came second in the final and qualified for the county games.”









Year 3-4 High 5 Netball at Wallingford School

9th March 2017

It was a lovely warm day and everyone was keen to play.  There were 3 teams, these were made up of all boys from Year 3 and boys/girls from Year 4.

“They say it’s the taking part that counts.  At the netball we all learnt this the hard way.”  We had great fun and won many games.  Taking part was great!  We now know how to play netball, in fact we are netball superstars!”