Week 3 (19/06/17)

In our English lessons we have focused on story writing. We thought about the kind of language we should use to describe places, events and people in our story about Stephen and Matilda.

Each day we worked on a different part of the story, making sure we were adding some wow words to write good descriptions.

Outside we used lots of different building sets to construct castles outside in the courtyard. We have also started constructing and painting a cardboard castle too. We hope to finish it next week.

While we were outside in the courtyard we spotted an amphibian hiding in a dark, damp corner behind the water trough.  It was a toad!

We were delighted to find him although I don’t think he was quite so pleased to see 30 sets of eyes looking down on him.

In Maths lessons we have been learning about data handling. We collected data about our favourite ice-creams. We made tally charts to record our favourite flavours and then used the data to colour in a bar graph to show the results. We then answered questions about the graphs. For example which was the most popular flavour?

I think everyone has done very well to work so hard this week in the hot weather. Well done class one.

Have a restful weekend,

Mrs Nixon



Week 2 (12/06/17)

Oxford Castle

We had a very exciting start to the week when we went to visit Oxford Castle on Monday.

After a short journey to Oxford we arrived at the castle, we were all feeling excited as we met our tour guide dressed in old fashioned clothes.

We started our tour of the castle by climbing up a narrow spiral staircase; it had lots of steep steps leading up to the top of the tower. As we looked out over Oxford we counted a great number of church and college spires all over the city and beyond. We then went down lots of steps, down to the crypt. We thought it had a dirty stone floor, lots of arches and it smelt damp and musty.

We went on to learn that the castle had been used as a prison and that you could be sent to prison as young as seven!

After lunch we dressed up in old fashioned clothes to take part in a drama workshop. We learnt about the legend of Matilda and Stephen. Matilda was trapped in the tower and needed to escape.

Ask your child;

How did Matilda escape from the tower?

What was she wearing?

What was the weather like?

How did she travel to Wallingford?

I am really proud of the children as they were well behaved and a credit to the school. Well done Class One.

Mrs Nixon

Week 1 (05/06/17)

This week we have been learning about amphibians as we are working the final part of our books about Animals Around the World. There are lots of animal experts in class one now as we have been learning so many facts about such a wide range of creatures.

On Thursday we proudly sent away our finished Random Acts of Wildlife scrapbook to BBOWT as our entry to the Wildlife Scrapbook Competition. It included lots of photos, pictures and writing about animals that we have been working on over the past few weeks. So we have our fingers crossed and we are hoping for the best!

In our maths lessons we have been measuring. We have been using words like tall, taller, tallest, small, smaller and smallest when thinking about the height of things. We have also been using words like long, longer, longest, short, shorter and shortest when measuring the length of things. We found had fun measuring things in the classroom.

Everyone is looking forward to our new topic about castles. We have an exciting start to our new topic by visiting Oxford Castle on Monday.

Homework task: Find out and write some facts about Wallingford Castle.

Week 5 (22/05/17)

At the moment we are making Fact-files about Animals.

We are learning about Mammals, Reptiles, Birds, Fish, Amphibians and Insects. Last week we learnt about mammals and reptiles, thinking about the similarities and differences. For example, are they cold or warm-blooded or do they lay eggs or have live young?

This week our focus has been birds and fish. Do they have feathers or scales and can they fly or swim?

We went on a bird-spotting walk to Crowmarsh Rec to see which common British birds we could see. I think we managed to see 10 out of 12 birds on the spot-it sheet.

Today we have been learning about fish and how to draw them.

We still need to cover Amphibians and Insects, so if you have any books about these at home bring them in to share in class.

Homework task: Draw and colour a fish and write some facts.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the good weather.

Week 3 (08/05/17)

Last week we had a fabulous visit from BBOWT, the wildlife trust.

We went outside and were given a magical jewel to hold while we listened carefully to the sounds around. We heard birds, trees and manmade sounds. We then had a set of binoculars each to go bird spotting. There were 10 toy birds hiding in the trees that we had to spot and cross off on our picture list. After that we made herb cocktails that we blended with a stick in a plastic cup. They smelt amazing! We then went on to make our own bug hotels and finally we made bird feeders.  We had a great afternoon.

This week we have been writing letters and postcards to BBOWT to thank them for visiting us last week.

In English lessons we have been learning about poetry, focusing on The Owl and the Pussycat. We rehearsed and performed it in class.

In maths lessons we have been working on number bonds to 10 and 20, and some of us have been learning about number bonds to 100 in groups of 10.

In our science lessons we have been learning about animals, starting with mammals.

Next week we hope to go on a Nature walk depending on the weather. I will keep you posted.

Homework task: Draw and label some pictures of mammals. Write about what makes them mammals.

We can stick your work in our class homework book.

Have a great weekend,

Mrs Nixon

Week 1 (24/04/17)

At the beginning of the week everyone enjoyed being together in class with their friends and sharing their Easter holiday experiences.

We began the week by doing a mini-project about ourselves. We drew pictures of our families, our homes and the things we like to eat, as well as writing about things we like to do at home and at school.

On Wednesday we were lucky enough to enjoy a very exciting and motivating session in the Science Dome. Our lesson in the dome was about different environments around the world, which is our new topic this term.  Everyone enjoyed the experience and had lots of big questions to ask the staff after the session. Back in class we learnt about the four main climate zones and the weather conditions within each zone.

In maths lessons we have been learning to recognise and make two digit numbers by using apparatus and identifying the numbers on a 100 square.

We had fun outside looking for bugs and making bug houses out of leaves, sticks, stones and twigs. We are going to make a scrapbook to record all of our nature activities.

Next week we will have some visitors in school who are coming in to tell us about how to look after our environment. We will be doing lots of hands-on activities and recording our work for our class book.

This weekend try to do some bird-spotting and bring into school a labelled picture of the birds you see. We can put your picture in our class book.

Have a great weekend.

Mrs Nixon

Week 7 (03/04/17)

This week in maths lessons we have been deepening our understanding of adding tens and ones. We are developing our maths skills by using ten frames, counting on from ten rather than counting from one.

If we wanted to calculate 10 + 7 we would say 10,     11,12,13,14,15,16,   17

In English we read an alternative Jack and the Beanstalk story, Jim and the Beanstalk. We have written stories, created a story map and drawn enormous giants as well as starting to grow our own beans.

The beans are only just starting to germinate and so everyone will be bringing home their bean in a plastic cup to look after during the Easter holiday.








Once your bean starts to grow roots and shoots, you should make a hole in the bottom of the pot remove the tissue paper and fill the pot with compost. Remember to put it in a bright location and keep it watered. As your bean grows it will need a garden cane to support it.

Perhaps measure your bean as it grows and bring a picture into school next term.

Have a great Easter break.

Mrs Nixon

Week 6 (27/03/17)

In maths we have been deepening our understanding of addition and subtraction by solving problems and identifying examples that are correct or not!

We have also been learning about position by ordering objects, pictures,  words and numbers from first to tenth.

This week we have been reading Jack and the Beanstalk and writing our own version of the story. We have used the overhead projector to share and evaluate our work with the class and identify areas for improvement.

Linked to this story we have been learning about growing plants. We are going to grow runner beans and learn about plants and how they grow.

As we have been lucky enough this week to enjoy some sunny weather, we have been outside practising our cricket skills. We have focused on holding a cricket bat correctly and beginning to hit the ball successfully. A good time had by all!

Week 5 (20/03/17)

This week we have been learning about British Summer Time (BST). In the United Kingdom it is advanced one hour forward of Greenwich Mean Time. This is done so that evenings have more daylight and mornings have less.

We looked at lots of different clocks and talked about how people managed to tell the time long ago, before clocks and watches were invented.

We thought about time marked candles, sun dials and sand timers. We designed our own clocks and talked about the ones we liked the best.

We talked about how many clocks the Queen has in her castles and how long it would take to change all the clocks. There are 500 in Buckingham Palace, 380 in Windsor Castle and 80 in Balmoral Castle in Scotland. It is a big job.

We then went on to write our own story about a magical clock, focusing on editing, improving and extending our writing.

Our usual Friday morning ‘Disco Dough’ warm-up was extra special as it was Red Nose Day. Everyone looked great in their red clothes and happy faces.

In science we have been learning about some common British birds that we might see in our gardens.

I think the weather will be fine, perhaps do some bird spotting this week-end, and you could draw and label some birds to stick into our Class One homework book.