Week 3 (06/03/17)


In Maths we finished a challenge about furnishing a house. We did all the measurements and budgets (). We’ve been doing this for 2 weeks. On Friday we finished it and created a presentation to the class (everybody did this).


In English we have been following and writing instructions. The instructions we wrote we on how to make Stone Age clothes.


In topic we have been writing a Stone Age newspaper report on when we travelled in the TARDIS back in time to the Stone Age.


In RE we learnt about Lent. Purple is the colour of pain. One of the symbols in the palm cross.

Guided Reading

In guided reading we have been evaluating our book called Stone Age.


In PE we have been doing gymnastics and hockey. In hockey we have been doing matches and in gymnastics we have been doing balancing and rolls.

Fred Hendy and Will Andrews

Week 1 (20/02/17)


This week we have been learning about maths virtually with Jo Boaler- A Stanford university professor and maths guru!

We have completed the course – ‘How to learn maths’ on www.youcubed.org. This is a free course that anyone can complete! (Hint hint)

Some of the apps and games that Jo recommends are:

Wuzzit trouble

Motion Math



These are games that help us learn maths deeply and fully, are fun, and are not focused on just calculating!

‘Talent show’

During our sessions on metacognition (thinking about our thinking) we have learned that the best way to learn a new skill is to practice it little and often. We are therefore taking part in a little experiment where we have all chosen something that we can’t currently do (e.g.  My one is to play a piece on the piano!) and practice 5 minutes every day until we have mastered a new skill. We will then showcase them at the end of the year!


We have now almost all entered the 500 words competition with some fantastic stories! A few missed the deadline but we can always have another go next year!


Week 1 (04/01/17)


In English we have been learning about suffixes. We wrote descriptions about a boy who fell in a cave. (The cave setting not the boy).  We used Computers to upgrade our words E.G lugubriousness (gloomy). We chose suffixes and words then we added the suffix on and saw how it affected the root. E.G record (noun)+less= recordless (adjective)



In maths we have been doing mental math number bonds to any number. We used the knowledge from the simpler number bonds to work out some trickier ones E.G 275 + 9 = 284. Some even trickier ones 9,999+1,000=10,999.



In I.C.T we have been doing tux typing for the last term. Some people have been doing the blog like this one except this time it’s me.



In P.E with Mrs Barlow we have been doing yoga we learnt the mountain pose, the cat/cow pose, the cobra pose, and the child pose.


Guided Reading

In Guided Reading we haven’t done anything because we’re starting it next week. This time it’s a non-fiction book about the Stone Age.


In Spelling we are doing the sound ‘ar ‘ ‘a’. 


Written by Freddy Hendy and Esme Williams

Week 5 (28/11/2016)


In maths this week we have been making games in our trios [the people we sit next to].We got a few hours every day for a week.



In English we have been writing a wacky story of The Little Red Hen where the three animals are not      mean they just have genuine reasons to not be able to help at that moment.

By Eleanor, Oliver H and Tim.

Week 6 (10/10/2016)

This week we have been working on understanding multiples of 4 including answering the questions:

  • What is a multiple of 4?
  • What is not a multiple of 4 and why?

We have learnt our 4x table including the inverse divisions and have applied our knowledge to much bigger numbers.


Week 5 (03/10/2016)

This week started off with a bang, as we played host to Spangles the Clown and the circus tent from ‘Leon and The Place Between’ mysteriously appeared on the school field! Learning circus tricks with Steve on Monday was so much fun, and we were able to perform a circus show to the school in the afternoon.

On Tuesday, we spent the day in the tent, listening to a bit more of ‘Leon and The Place Between’ and imagining what ‘The Place Between’ might look like.  We drew it, then described, then created a ‘fishbone’ plan.

The rest of the week we have spent creating a stunning piece of writing to explain ‘what’s behind the door’!  We made sure we included adjectives, adverbs, powerful verbs, and even prepositional openers to explain where the objects were in relation to each other. Mrs. Barlow was SO impressed!

On Thursday, we invited another guest into school to help us with our Science learning this time.  Dr Preece, a parent and engineer, taught us all about how space rockets work and then we carried out a parachute investigation with egg-stronauts!

A busy, busy week with lots of writing this week, means next week is all about Maths! We can’t wait!

We have also been really enjoying seeing all the fantastic home learning projects that the class have been doing and Mrs. Barlow is really impressed with the high quality learning and presentation!  Thank you parents for all your wonderful learning support!

Week 4 (26/09/2016)


In English we have been looking at clauses, conjunctions, adverbs, verbs and adjectives.

We played an English challenge and we watched a video/clip. 🙂 – Freddy

We have been playing a dice game and we have been making our boreing sentensese better. We had a dice and our English books. – India

Guided Reading

In guided reading we have been reading The Finger Eater. In The Finger Eater The Finger Eater is a troll who is called Ulf. As you may have guessed Ulf likes eating fingers! – Ben W

we have bin reading a book calld the finger eater so far I have read up to chapter one and l cant bileave he eats fingers. – India

This week we have been reading the finger eater. We wrote three paragphs and an introduction. We were thinking aboat how the finger eater had impacted the villagers’ lives. – Amber


We have been using deens. Deens help us by seeing the number in front of us like this:


– Fraser

In maths we have been doing hundred tens and ones here are is a picture.


 – William


In violin our teacher is Mr Fullylove. In our lessons we have played songs with A D G.

We have not played anything with E in yet. – Harvey  🙂


In ICT we have been writing a blog. 🙂 – Freddy


In are topic we have been reading around the world in 80 day philios fogg tries to get around the world in 80 days but he thought he had not but he had because the clock change. 🙂 – William

Week 3 (19/09/2016)

In Topic we have been learning about a book called around the world in eighty days.what happens in this book is there is a man called Phileas Fog who travels around the world . – Eleanor

In maths we have been focusing mostly on place value although we have been learning about other things. – Harvey

In English we have been reading Leon and the place between it’s a brilliant   book whith  tons of butiful pichers – Fraser


In English we have been thinking about I spaced openers and adverbial phrases.

We wrote a few paragraphs – Luke

in English we’ve been  leaning about adverbial phrases

and ispace opernas. – Esme

Week 2 (12/09/2016)


In English, we have been writing a full description of the golden tent.  We used lots of stunning vocabulary, subordinating and coordinating sentences, prepositional openers and exclamation and question marks.  We have started to help each other by sharing our writing in small groups with Mrs. Barlow and giving each other feedback about what to improve.


We have been continuing to learn about what the value is of each digit in a 3 digit number. We have used lots of new maths equipment and are now able to show the value of numbers in many different ways!


We have been looking at atlases this week, and starting to investigate why different countries have different climates.  We have learned about the equator and how the countries that are nearer to it are hotter.


We had our first violin/cello lesson this week and have already played our first tune!

Week 1 (05/09/2016)


In English, we have been reading ‘Leon and the Place Between’.  It is an amazing book about a circus, but we don’t know what is going to happen yet…!

We looked at the golden tent picture in the book, and described it with lots of powerful adjectives, such as: shiny, impeccable, glamourous, pearlescent, grimy and glossy.

We have also been learning about clauses and ways to join them using subordinating and coordinating conjunctions (FANBOYS).  We looked in the story to see what different types of sentences the author has used.


We have been learning about what the value is of each digit in a 3 digit number. We have used place value columns and Dienes equipment to show the value, like this:

HTO = 364 (Three hundred and sixty four)


We have had two PE sessions this week, one with Mr Aplin, and one with Mrs. Barlow, where we were practising hurdles of different heights and challenging ourselves to jump higher.


We haven’t done much topic learning yet, but we have been reading ‘Around the World in 80 Days’ and tracking Phileas Fogg’s travels around the world on our world map.  We now know where Africa, Europe and India are!

Purple Learning

We have been writing about helpful and unhelpful talk.  We have also been discussing our ambitions and what jobs we would like to do when we grow up.  We had to think carefully about what skills we needed to learn, and what type of person we need to be in order to achieve our ambitions.


On Tuesday we had our first French lesson with Mrs. Dark.  Now we know how to answer the register in French!


We are very excited about starting violins and cellos on Tuesday next week!

What a fantastic first week back! I hope you have a restful weekend, and come back refreshed on Monday for another busy week!