Week 3 (19/06/17)

On Wednesday, Class 5 made iMovie trailers about Ancient Greece. Here they are!

Ancient Greece – Olympics by Sofie, Neive and India


Ancient Greece – Olympics  by Oscar, Faye and Elliot


Ancient Greece – Olympics by Ollie and George


Ancient Greece – Gods by Nathan and Malachy


Ancient Greece by Lola, Jasmine and Lyla


The Trojan Horse by Louis, Marnie and Jacob


Battle of the Goddesses by Emily D, Lilia and Lauren


Ancient Greece – Gods by Emily T, Ellie and Evie


Ancient Greece – Gods by Caitlin, Lixi and Toby


Theseus and the Minotaur by Amber, Krystal and Samu




Multiplication, Wonder and Diary Entries!

We can’t believe we only have one week left!

Last week we looked at more multiplication problems, thinking about what actually happens to the numbers when we multiply by 10, 100 and 1000 and then looking at multiplying by one digit and two digit numbers.  We are looking at a range of methods to solve these questions, including moving onto the bar model next week.

We have looked further at prime numbers, square numbers, factors and multiples.  We continue to revise key multiplication skills in the afternoons.

If you would like to practice here are some great website to help:

Factor Trees

Thinking Blocks – Multiplication

Sieve of Eratosthenes

Rectangle Multiplication

In English, we continue to read Wonder.  We have looked at Precepts and begun to think of our own – we will eventually finalise one to put with our self-portraits that we have done ‘Wonder’ style.  We have been focusing on writing from different perspectives, thinking about language, viewpoint and opinions that different characters would suggest.  Therefore, we have written a few diary entries from characters from the book, thinking about these key success criteria.

In science we have been looking at plants and life cycles.  We dissected plants and begun looking at their detailed parts and using this to inspire watercolour sketches.

Next week we will continue to look at various methods to solve multiplication and to begin looking at a range of word problems and missing number problems.

In English, we will continue thinking about perspective and write a missing chapter for Wonder.

In ICT we will continue to compose our own rhythms and beats using Ipads.

Kicking off the first week of our summer term!

Where has the week gone?

Year 5 have been excellent learners this week, quickly settling back into the routine of our timetable.

We have spent time this week focusing on key comprehension questions, looking at a variety of texts from poetry to narrative.  The children were extremely excited to start our new book Wonder by R.J Palacio.  In class yesterday, they listened to the song Wonder by Natalie Merchant, that inspired the story.  Click here to listen.  We are looking forward to seeing how the story unfolds over the next few weeks.  Each week we will focus on a writing genre that is linked to our reading to hone our technical writing skills embedding our grammar knowledge and use of specific punctuation.

We also have finished off all of our river learning and begun thinking about what it is we would like to learn about for our topic, ‘Our Local Area,’ this term.  Lots of questions surrounding the castle and the battles that have taken place in Wallingford have emerged – in fact, the children suggested a field trip into Wallingford to explore the geography and the history of the area, so this Wednesday, if everything comes back confirmed, we should be visiting the Wallingford Museum and finding out some answers to their questions.

In maths we have been delving deeper into multiples, factors and prime numbers.  If you would like to learn more or deepen your understanding of these key terms, play this game here or Pumpkin Multiples, or Prime Numbers.  Next week we will consolidate our understanding of these terms as we further relate them to multiplication and division.

A group of pupils have been practicing for the Wallingford Dance Festival and have been getting ready for their performance on Tuesday evening.

Also this week, we got to visit the Explorer Dome and learn more about Forces.  This is always a very exciting annual event which we look forward to every year….it never disappoints.

Looking forward to all the new things we will learn next week!


Getting Ready for Easter….

Year 5 have been working so hard these past few weeks.  We have been focusing on addition and subtraction and looking at various methods we can use to effectively solve different calculations.  We’ve even begun looking at simple algebraic equations – ask your child to give you an example!  This past week we have focused on decimal numbers and begun to investigate  prime numbers, multiples and factors getting us ready to begin looking at more advanced multiplications and divisions.  As you can see on our class timetable, we now have maths sessions both in the morning and also right after lunch to ensure we are covering key skills and keeping our mental maths calculations always simmering.

Our focus on Rivers and study on the River Singers novel, has seen us debating about the Water Voles vs. Mink and working towards writing persuasive letters to Tom Moorhouse about this issues.  This has tied in nicely to our Geography work where we have been researching rivers and around the world and the countries they are in to create persuasive holiday leaflets on the computer.

Our field trip to the River and Rowing Museum has been a brilliant way to end this topic and the children thoroughly enjoyed the visit.  We had a museum tour, a guided walk along the river and learnt about different aspects of rivers through hands on experiments.

There will be a new homework grid on the website when we return which I will inform you about with the class newsletter in the new term.

It would be great to see some Easter journals when we return, with some writing about what you have been doing over the two weeks.  Also, we are running a sunflower growing competition – so hope you get involved!

We are looking forward to next term and hope that you and your families have a wonderful Easter break.


Week 3 (06/03/17)

In English this week, we have been learning how to write PEE (Point, Evidence, Explain) paragraphs. In order to practise this we have been answering questions about our class book the River Singers.

In Maths, we have completed some maths investigations. We really enjoyed these, some of us were great purple learners and we really tried to challenge ourselves.

In ICT we have started to create our own games using Scratch and in geography, we have been working on group projects about a world river.

Week 1 (20/02/17)

Elizabeth Wright

Elizabeth Wright, a Paralympian swimmer who won the silver medal in the Sydney Olympic Games, came to our school. We were very lucky to have her here.  She is an inspiration to all pupils at this school as she is phenomenal and proved to us that if you persevere you will succeed! She was born with missing limbs.


In maths we have been learning how to measure angles using a protractor. Miss Hustwayte marked out different angles with masking-tape on the tables for us to measure. Then we got to write the measurements on the tables – purely for our learning of course!

Miss Hustwaytes Birthday!

This week on Wednesday it was Miss Hustwayte’s birthday. Hooray! We had an awesome day.

By Lola and Emily T

Week 6 (06/02/17)

This week in maths we have been doing math challenges (they really made my brain hurt!).

In English we have been planning and writing a story about tiny people and where they live.

On Tuesday we played hockey with our P.E teacher Mr Applin.

On Friday we enjoyed learning about rivers and as a treat we got to paint a river themed painting after that we got to go on the computer and research stuff about rivers.

In grammar we loved learning about how to set out a sentence!


Don’t forget in crowmash we always do are best!!!

Written by Elliot and Ollie on Friday 10th of February 2017


Week 5 (30/01/17)


We have been doing rounding to the nearest 10, 100, 1000, 10 000, 100 000 and 1 Million!!! We have also been doing addition with numbers from 100 to 10 000. I have been enjoying myself although it can be a bit challenging sometimes.


In English we have been writing how useful our plan for our Tin Forest story was.  A Tin Forest story is about an old man who lives in a dump, he always dreams of a colourful forest around him, but it was only a dream because he really lives on a rubbish dump. What would help my writing? I did write down some key words but I think I should think about my layout.  We have been PEE’ing everywhere!  PEE stands for Point Evidence Explain. I think using a spider-map is a good way of blasting down ideas.

Topic – Geography

We are doing rivers. We made a diagram of a river showing the meander, ox-bow lake and the mouth. Meander is where a river turns like waves and not a straight line.Ox-bow lake is where the river nearly joins – it’s like a horseshoe, it will eventually separate from the rest of the river and become like a pond or a lake.

Science – Properties and changes of materials

A material is a thing that something is made of.   It is not just meaning clothing material.  Liquids do not keep their shape; they always take up the same amount of space.  Solids can be held and stay in one place. Gasses are often invisible. If you heat a liquid hot enough it turns into a gas.


We are doing scrap paper picture collages.  They are made up of scrap paper.  I made a dark night sky picture out of a bin bag material which is plastic.  This is the same as our Tin Forest story because the tin forest is made up of lots of scrap.  Our pictures are A4. I did a bird and a mouse.


We are looking at words that are onomatopoeia words. Eg bang, whizz, pop, moo, neigh

Louis Griffiths & Evelyn Coulton

Week 4 (23/01/17)


We have been rounding to the nearest thousand, ten thousand and hundred thousand.

We used number lines to help us find the answer.


We have been reading a story called The Tin Forest.

We have been writing our own stories and creating our own version of it.

Guided Reading:

We have been reading The River Singers and have been introduced to new words that we have been adding to our writes logs so we can use them in our own writing.


We have been making collages inspired by a picture in The Tin Forest using old newspaper and magazines.

By Krystal and Nathan.

Week 3 (16/01/17)


We have been rounding to the nearest ten, hundreds and thousands.

We used number lines to help us find the answer.


We have been reading a story called The Tin Forest.

Also we have been writing our own stories.

We have been learning about Collective Nouns.

Here are some examples:

An  embarrassment of pandas

A flock of birds


Properties of Materials

We designed our topic page on the computer.

We have looked at games to help us understand the changes on solid and liquids.


We have been learning about collages.

All shapes and sizes.

There are lots of different collages like: 3D collages.


On a Monday and Tuesday aftnoon we do lots of athletics.

Thank you for reading our blog.

By Lyla B and Lilia B