Week 2 (08/09/2014)

Class 3 Blog

evolutionThis week in Class 3 we began our History topic ‘Stone age to Iron age.’ We started by looking at evolution and how we have evolved from monkeys. The children were fascinated by the ‘caveman lifestyle’.  Each child created their own cone cavemen and had lots of questions to get us started with our topic.

In English we have been looking at stories with a familiar setting.  The children looked at the story ‘Iggy pig’ which ends on a cliff hanger and have each planned their own ending ready to write at end of the week. We will be looking at more stories next week and focusing on the author’s use of past and present tense. There will also be some drama and role play as groups of children will perform parts of a story.

Great websites linked to our topic this term:

Great website for practising maths skills:

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