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A Typical Day

A Typical Day at Pre – School

We offer a choice of starting times – 8.45 or 9.00. As the children arrive, they are encouraged to self- register, then select an activity while they wait for all their friends.

The session begins at 9.10 with registration. We all gather on the carpet to greet one another and talk about the day ahead. Following this, the Owl group (our older children) often stay for a short, adult – led session – typically a maths or phonics session. The younger children (the Robins) choose their own activities, supported by practitioners.

Snack time follows, with all children being encouraged to participate. We provide a variety of healthy food (cereals, fruit, toast, cheese) along with a choice of milk or water. The children are encouraged to serve themselves (under adult supervision).

We operate a ‘free flow’ system. This means that children can choose whether they would like to be outside or in the classroom. We open our doors to the garden as soon as possible and staffing is organised to support this.

During the rest of the session, children are encouraged and supported to choose their own activities and resources. Practitioners work and play with and alongside the children, observing their play and scaffolding their learning. In addition, our practitioners work 1:1 or with small groups of children to offer planned learning experiences, designed to support children to meet their next steps in development.

Following ‘tidy up time’ at 11.30, the children take part in circle times before lunch. We generally run two circle times – one for the Owls and one for the Robins. The primary aim of these is to support the development of children’s language and communication skills along with their personal, social and emotional development.

Lunch time is between 12.00 and 1.00. Children and staff sit together to eat their lunch, with staff supporting children throughout. This provides an excellent learning opportunity.

The afternoon follows a similar pattern. We tidy up at around 2.30, then share a snack and story before we go home.