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The Purple Learning Motto

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Encouraging others

Always trying your hardest

Riding out of your comfort zone

Nudging forwards


Never giving up

Going on

By Harvey (When he was in class 1)

Inspiring Our Children

Our core aim is to engage and inspire children.  Therefore, our curriculum provides rich and stimulating opportunities from year to year. We want our children to become independent and life-long learners, who question and are excited about the world around them.

Understanding how to be successful learners is one of the vital aspects that we teach our children.  Through our work with Diana Pardoe, children learn about resilience and perseverance and an understanding of how to truly be the ‘best that they can be’ in everything that they set out to achieve.

To find out more about our work with Diana Pardoe you can find her book, Towards Successful Learning here:

In this book and through her training she is providing us with a model to support and guide children to become the best learners they can be.  This, alongside our ethos of ‘being the best we can be,’ help to develop our children into confident and persistent learners.

Success is celebrated at every step and our children, with the help of all involved, learn what it takes to reach their full potential.

Phonics Teaching at Crowmarsh School

Our phonics teaching follows the Letters and Sounds program alongside the new English curriculum.  Phonics sessions are taught regularly in KS1 and through intervention groups for any children in KS2 that require extra support.

Children in KS1 will not be given books to read until they are confident at reading the majority of the Phase  3 graphemes and they can recall some of the key high frequency words.  Phonic work and high frequency word lists are sent home with children in Years R and 1 to be practised.

At the end of Year 1 all children take the government phonic check and retake it in Year 2 if they fail to meet the expected standard.

We want to encourage children to love reading and sharing books with others.  Therefore, reading is a priority in our school and every class has guided reading sessions at the same time every day.  This allows ‘peer reading’ to take place for older and younger children to share books together.

Subject Overviews

To see an overview of the subjects taught at Crowmarsh Gifford, please click on the following links.


We follow the Kapow scheme of work for Computing

Computing Curriculum 2021-22

E-safety is taught through Computing and/ or PSHCE. All year groups follow the Project Evolve scheme of work, an overview of this will be available shortly.


We follow the Scheme of Work that has been put together by the Diocese of Oxford’s RE Team, which complies with the locally agreed syllabi and reflects our ‘enquiry’ based approach.  We are not allowed to make this document public as it is only for Church of England primaries, however, if you would like to see this planning in more detail, you may request a copy from the class teacher.


Children in Years 3, 4 and 6 have a weekly French lesson. For the 2021-22 academic year, Year 5 will be learning Latin. Even though our KS1 pupils don’t have discrete languages lessons, they benefit from learning basic French vocabulary to get them ready for the full curriculum when they enter year 3.

Languages Curriculum 2021-22


We follow the PSHE Association scheme of work. 

PSHCE Curriculum 2021-22


We follow the Charanga Musical School scheme of work for music. 

Music Curriculum 2021-22


Many of the art projects on our curriculum are taken from Access Art. 

Art Curriculum 2021-22


Many of our DT projects are taken from The Design Technology Association. 

DT Curriculum 2021-22