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Our Curriculum

Di Pardoe

Our overall aim at Crowmarsh School is for children to enjoy their learning journey.  We put children at the centre of everything we do, ensuring they understand learning as an active process in which theirs is a central role.  We teach them how to become effective learners by helping them to think about their own learning more explicitly, teaching them specific strategies for planning, monitoring, and evaluating. They begin by learning how to be ‘Purple Learners’ and as they progress through year groups this becomes a strong work ethic that has far-reaching impact on secondary school life and beyond. 

Children at Crowmarsh are increasingly able to ‘talk meaningfully’ about their learning, showing a deep understanding of what they must do to improve, how they are going to do it and why. They are not afraid to challenge themselves and they understand that mistakes are learning opportunities.

Our metacognitive approach is evident in all areas of the curriculum which is designed to build progressively on the children’s prior learning within and across year groups.  At Crowmarsh, all children develop a deep knowledge and rich vocabulary in preparation for their future learning. 

Phonics Teaching at Crowmarsh School

At Crowmarsh Gifford Primary and Pre School the Phonic scheme we currently use is All Aboard Phonics which is a systematic synthetic programme.

Daily phonics teaching in EYFS and Key Stage One focuses on teaching the letters,  sounds and the key skills of segmenting and blending which children need to succeed in reading. The sounds and high frequency words being taught in class are sent home weekly, so parents are kept informed about what is being covered.

We use a range of reading scheme books and other texts to promote the love of reading. Pupils are given appropriate books to take home based on the graphemes that they have been taught and are also provided with access to other books in order to encourage wider reading.  All reading books encourage the children to practise and use their decoding and other reading skills, which are taught, frequently modelled and practised in class. Each child is provided with reading record to encourage the recording of their reading and to allow communication with adults at home about their child’s reading. We recommend that pupils read at home every day and discuss the what they have read with their parents/carers. Books are changed regularly.

The following video is helpful in explaining how the sounds of the English phonetic code should be pronounced.

Subject Overviews

To see an overview of the subjects taught at Crowmarsh Gifford, please click on the following links.


We follow the Kapow scheme of work for Computing

Computing Curriculum 2022-23

Computing Intent, Implementation and Impact

Computing Skills Progression 

E-safety is taught through Computing and/ or PSHCE. All year groups follow the Project Evolve scheme of work, an overview of this will be available shortly.


We follow the Scheme of Work that has been put together by the Diocese of Oxford’s RE Team, which complies with the locally agreed syllabi and reflects our ‘enquiry’ based approach.  We are not allowed to make this document public as it is only for Church of England primaries, however, if you would like to see this planning in more detail, you may request a copy from the class teacher.


Children in Years 3, 4 and 6 have a weekly French lesson. For the 2021-22 academic year, Year 5 will be learning Latin. Even though our KS1 pupils don’t have discrete languages lessons, they benefit from learning basic French vocabulary to get them ready for the full curriculum when they enter year 3. 

Languages Curriculum 2021-22

Our 2022-23 curriculum will be available shortly 


We follow the PSHE Association scheme of work. 

PSHE Curriculum 2022-23

PSHE Intent, Implementation and Impact

Along with our own Sex and Relationships Policy, we also follow the DfE Relationship and Health Education statutory document




Many of the art projects on our curriculum are taken from Access Art. 

Art Curriculum 2022-23

Art Intent, Implementation and Impact 



Many of our DT projects are taken from The Design Technology Association. 

DT Curriculum 2022-23