Research and Partnerships

In school we value the importance of research in ensuring the very best outcomes for our pupils.  Our ethos is one of challenge and achievement for all, where teachers constantly evaluate their practice and often try new things or adapt their teaching in efforts to achieve excellence in everything they do.

Many of our key teaching and learning policies are underpinned by research that we do as a staff team, reading key literature and assessing the impact of what we do.  We think it is vitally important to keep abreast of new initiatives and current thinking while questioning and challenging change to always provide the very best for the pupils in our care.

Often our school may participate in research projects to help answer key questions regarding impact of approach.

Currently our school is participating in the Keycolab European Project with NAPE.  We are looking at the impact that educational visits have upon children’s learning.  We are assessing learning against the key European Competencies.

More information can be found here.

This academic year 2016-2017 our math leaders are members of the GlowMaths Primary Mathematics Teaching for Mastery Work Group and part of the teacher’s research groups every term.  As part of this, we are also working alongside Steve Lomax, strategic lead for GlowMaths, in changing our teaching approach to mathematics to help our children become keen mathematicians.

In the Academic Year 2015-2016 a research project was undertaken entitled: “Learning Detectives – Pupil Voice; Embedding Learning.  An Evaluation of the Learning Detectives’ Impact upon Learning Behaviours.  A Case Study” From this research many key areas for improving the impact of our Learning Detectives program were ascertained.

Any new research will be added to this list.

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