Friday 13th November

The children have really enjoyed learning about all the different aspects associated with Remembrance Day this week. In Art we designed our own Poppies using pencils and colouring pencils with a focus on using pressure to create effect when drawing. Furthermore, as part of our Diwali celebrations we had an opportunity to have a Zoom session with one of the parents from Class One who spoke to the children all about Diwali. The children also had the chance to ask questions. We have been practising our cutting skills and made some Diya lamps from different coloured paper.

In this week’s Maths lessons we have been focusing on partitioning and understanding the concepts of whole and parts. We have begun to explore part, part whole models to show a representation of the numbers we are working with. We further explored the addition symbol and fact families.

In phonics we have received a letter from the Phonics Monster for the brilliant use of segmenting and blending when reading. The children have really enjoyed practicing all the different sounds and tricky words. Following on from the conversations I had at parents evening meetings I have sent home the Phase 2 and 3 sound mats for the children to use for their writing and reading. I have also included a link to a video on YouTube to help with the correct pronunciation of the sounds the children will be learning.

In our outdoor learning activity this week we have begun exploring autumn and the change in weather. The children have really enjoyed using this activity to develop our art lesson of creating a picture using leaves and we have loved creating our class bug hotel.

I hope you all have restful weekend.

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