Friday 16th October

Dear Parents/Carers,

In phonics this week the children have been learning g,o,c,k and ck. They have also been introduced to segmenting to help them spell words. The children have played treasure and trash which has helped them practise their blending skills. Sometimes it is tricky for them to hear the word when it is not a word that is familiar to them. They  could practise reading ‘alien’ words at home with you. You could either play treasure/trash yourself on the computer or use your child’s flashcards to build nonsense words yourself.

We have started to share the story of ‘Farmer Duck’ by Martin Waddell. The children talked about the front cover. We decided that the Duck was an Aylesbury duck and talked about what a hoe is used for in the garden.

The children went on an walk to look for signs of autumn. They spotted several different colours as well as describing the leaves as crunchy and crispy. The children found pine cones, acorns as well as numerous beautifully coloured leaves.

In Maths, the children have been learning to recognise small quantities of objects without counting. For example the dots on dice/ dominoes and Numicon. The children have played the Orchard game ‘Catch and Count’ and tried hard to recognise the number of dots on the dice. The children have also been challenged to count how many fish they have altogether/ count on from different numbers between one and fifteen. You could help at home by playing games such as dominoes or games that involve your child recognising the number on a dice without counting. This is an important skill as it   helps children to see patterns within number.

If you have any ‘wow moments’ for your child’s learning journey; learning that your child does at home that makes you smile. Please email

Have a great weekend.

Best Wishes,

Miss Zimmerman, Mrs Bowden, Mrs Mathews and Mrs Conway.


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