Friday 16th October

In class 3 this week we have been looking at some ‘First News’ children’s newspapers to find out what the key features of this style of writing are. We are also looking at quotes and how they are used in newspapers and next week we will become journalists and write our own newspaper reports linked to our class book ‘Journey’. We have continued to read ‘The Finger Eater’ in guided reading and have been practising reading fluently and answers questions using the book to help us.

Our maths lessons this week have been focused mainly around addition and subtraction and looking at what happens to a 3-digit number when we add or subtract hundreds, tens or ones. We have just moved onto adding a 2 digit number to a 3 digit number and have been making the numbers using dienes so we can see what happens to each column as we add e.g. if we add 8 + 9 ones it is 17 so we exchange 10 of our ones for a stick of ten. This will help to ensure that when we move to using a written column method of addition, we understand the steps we go through to get the answer.

In our topic lesson we used the laptops and looked at maps of our local area and tried to navigate our way around the maps to find different points of interest such as our school, the River Thames, parks, farms, roads and other nearby villages and towns. We have continued to practise our dribbling, passing and defence skills in basketball during our PE lesson and will finish this off next week with some small matches.

In Art we have been getting prepared for Christmas!  More later on that.  We don’t want to give too much away!

We had a lovely lesson drawing together a poem all about Autumn.  We looked at the features of a poem then went outside to see signs of Autumn.  We all then shared our ideas to come up with a group poem ready for Harvest Festival.

We hope you all have a great weekend and look forward to seeing you on Zoom next week for our parent-teacher meetings.

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