Friday 16th October




In Class 2 we have been learning all about the Great Fire of London.  We found out that although the fire started in a bakery in Pudding Lane, there were several reasons why the fire spread so fast and became such a huge disaster.  Ask us what caused the fire to be so severe.


In our topic lessons, we worked in groups to order past events in a timeline. It was tricky to put all the different dates in order!

In our English lessons we looked at a PowerPoint of the events of the fire. We then had to cut and stick pictures into our books, showing what happened between Sunday the 2nd and Thursday 6th September 1666. We thought of sentences for each picture to describe the events. We have also looked at some extracts from Samuel Pepys’ diary and discussed why they are so important in telling us what it was really like during the Fire of London.  We had a really good go at finding the clues in the diary extracts that showed us it was written in the past.

We were very lucky on Tuesday to manage our walk around the village without it raining on us! It was really interesting to look at some of the old buildings and discover what they used to be used as. We were very good at spotting human and physical features.

In maths we have been finding out about fact families. We used part, whole models to help us to write 4 different calculations.

We have also been finding one more/less and ten more/less than a given number. We have learnt a quick way of doing this on a hundred square.

We have learned that when we add or subtract ten from a number it is only the digit in the tens place that changes, the ones always stay the same.

In science we have been investigating different materials. On Thursday we predicted and then tested which materials could be twisted, bent, stretched or squashed. We looked at Play-Doh, socks, foil, cling film, paper towels and plastic cutlery.

In art we created lovely harvest pictures in the style of Clarice Cliff. We had to make sure our farmhouses were white with a red roof, and that our tree trunks were black but apart from that we were able to choose any colours we wanted so we created some lovely colourful pictures.

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