Friday 20th November

Dear Parents/Carers,

This week the children have started to learn more about ‘Under the Sea’. They listened and joined in with the rhyme ‘A sailor went to sea, sea, sea…’ the children then drew and labelled what they thought might be at the bottom of the sea. The had some great ideas…octopus, sharks, seaweed and treasure!

In Maths, the children have been learning to find out how many altogether. They started by joining two groups together and counting all of them. We then started to think about counting on from one number to find a total. You could try playing this interactive game to support with finding a total by counting all of them. . When you feel your child is confident and secure they could have a go at counting on to find a total.

Try this game.

In Phonics the children have been learning the tricky words he and she and the new Grapheme/Phoneme correspondence y, z, zz and qu. Please see below for the rhymes that are helping them to learn the sounds.




The children have been interested in the funnels and pipes at school this week. Taking it in turns to send water down the pipe and thinking about pouring steadily so that water does not spill and goes back into the water tray. You could help at home by giving your child more opportunities to practice pouring encouraging them to do it slowly to reduce spillages. Jugs/bottles/cups in the bath. Pouring water/juice at meal times, milk onto their breakfast.

Anything that makes you smile/photographs for learning journeys please email to .Have a fantastic weekend.

Miss Zimmerman and the EYFS Team.

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