Friday 27th November

Dear Parents/Carers,

The children have continued to learn about creatures under water and have been supported by an adult to research their questions on the internet. The children have all had a go at doing an observational drawing of a sea creature; sharks, clownfish, jelly fish and dolphins. The children have been learning that it takes time, and attention. They have looked carefully at the objects/pictures for detail and some have developed their drawings with more than one draft. They have drawn some fabulous pictures!

In Maths, the children have been continuing to learn to find out how many altogether. We have been using objects to count on as well as showing a particular numeral using our fingers.  The children had the challenge of showing a smaller number of fingers than five but using two hands. The children tried really hard to count on to get to the number they needed, especially when it was a number larger than five. You could try this at home, say or show them a number and ask them to show you the correct amount using their fingers. Can they count on or do they need to count all their fingers? They count borrow someone else fingers to show numbers beyond ten.

In Phonics the children have been learning the tricky words we, me, and be. We have talked about the fact they rhyme with he and she that we learnt last week.  They are now beginning to learn the grapheme/ phoneme correspondence of the consonant digraphs ‘sh’ as in shop, ‘ch’ as in chop, ‘th’ as in this and that. and ‘ng’ as in ring.

The children all have another set of flashcards in their bag this week that they can use at home to play games/activities. Please continue to read regularly, daily if possible, 5-10 minutes is great. We ask please write a short description of how your child engaged with a book as this facilitates us to help your child when we read and feedback to them on next steps. If you have any questions regarding your child’s learning at any time please email

Please continue to email in learning/ events that make you smile. This could be a special occasion that your child has enjoyed celebrating, a special time for the family or something that you have seen your child do that made you think…WOW! Email these to and they will be added to your child’s learning journey.

Finally, it is getting colder and we are ensuring there is airflow into classrooms at all times. Please ensure that your child is wearing a vest and maybe another layer under their school T-shirt. I have told the children they can always remove layers but they cannot put them on if they do not have them. Wrap up warm each morning!

Best Wishes and have a great weekend,

Miss Zimmerman and the EYFS Team.

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