Friday 27th November

This week in class we have been learning to write a sentence using capital letters, full stops, finger spaces and phonics. We have been thinking about how we can improve our work from feedback and how we can work together to encourage each other to do better in the work we present. We concluded that we must work hard to ensure that we are proud of every piece of work we produce . The children have been having a go at writing one sentence at a time. We have been really trying to get the children to form their letters correctly and writing the letters on the line. In Maths we have been going over greater than and comparing numbers and working on our number bonds to ten and learning ways to compare number bonds. The class have also loved playing the bus stop game to recall their number bonds to make ten in pairs. It has been great to see the children work together as a team and learn to take turns. For Art we have been using watercolours to blend colours to paint. We have been using our cutting skills to cut out leaves for our message of positivity display outside the classroom. The children are also trying very hard to earn their table points to get a chance to play with our class marble run. I hope you all have a restful weekend.

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