Friday 27th November

Egypt Day

Yesterday, Class 3 had ancient Egyptian day.  We started off learning a little about Pharaohs.  The man who was teaching us was hilarious!  Next, we played snakes and ladders but on an Egyptian board (and I won).  After that, we had an amazing break in our superb costumes.  Once we had break we came back into the classroom to see that on the tables were massive boards containing quizzes that were packed with information.  After lunch we decoded hieroglyphics (Egyptian writing).

By Ingrid


Yesterday, we had a visitor who taught us about Ancient Egypt.  We learned that the River Nile floods.  We also learntthe process of mummification, this was gross in a funny way.  We also learned that if you were a Pharaoh you were thought to have an afterlife.  Did you know that Tutankhamen’s mask was not his, it lightly had another pharaoh’s name scratched underneath.

If you were rich your tomb would be covered in lovely cold, if you were poor you may not even have a tomb.

Tutankhamun became Pharoah at the age of nine and died at the age of nineteen.  No-one knows if he was murdered or died from a disease.  He could have even fallen from a chariot.

By Patrick P


Yesterday, me and my class had a day about Ancient Egypt.  They Egyptianologist Russel showed us what it’s like to wrap a mummy.  Russell chose some people from our class to be the slaves, Pharaoh and the Queen.  I was the kitchen slave.  We were pretending that I was sick which made me laugh.

The bit I liked best was when we were wrapping the Mummy and Russell pulled out the organs.  We put Jeff in the Sarcophagus and wrapped him in bandages.

By Rosalind


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