Friday 2nd October 2020

A huge well done to all the children in Class One for settling in so well. This week we have been exploring the numbers 0 – 20 and understanding one to one correspondence. We have used concrete materials to show the values associated with the numbers. Class One have worked very hard in exploring how we can use phonics for reading and writing. We have looked at key early reading skills to know how we can blend and segment words. The children have been introduced to the use of phonic fists to segment and blend words as well as using sound lines and sound buttons to decode words. Furthermore, we have been playing lots of different games to help us understand alien words, we really enjoyed Obb and Bob. Class One had a wonderful time exploring the change in season by looking at the different colours of the leaves. We really liked creating the friendship tree using different coloured paper leaves and we loved the hedgehogs we made from the leaves we collected. Over the last few weeks, we have been carrying out lots mark making activities to help with our writing and the children have really enjoyed them.

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