Friday 2nd October 2020

This week our English work has been based on the Paddington stories that we have been sharing in class.  We watched a clip called ‘Paddington takes and Bath’ and read the story as well.  Using these, we mapped out the main stages of the story in a story map.  Mrs Lucas tried telling the story; however, she did it really badly so we had to give her feedback about how to improve her storytelling!  After that we all had a go at telling the story effectively so that we kept our listeners entertained. Ask us how we did this.  Later in the week we used a storyboard to plan our own version of the story. We also started thinking about how we could include interesting detail in some of our sentences before starting to write.

In maths we have been practising counting in tens, fives and twos.  We have looked at patterns that can help us when counting on or back, particularly in steps of 10 or 5.  When counting in tens we discovered that the ones digit doesn’t change but that the tens digit will go up or down by 1 (group of ten) each time.  When counting in 5s from 0, or any multiple of 5, we realised that the ones digit alternates between a 0 and a 5.  It would be great if the children could keep practising this counting work at home too.

As part of our geography work about our local area, we compared different maps of Crowmarsh and the symbols that are used on each.  We then found some of the key places/buildings in our village and labelled them, using a key, on a map.

In science we discussed how the properties of materials can affect their suitability for different purposes.  For example, fabric is soft, comfortable and flexible so makes a good pillow case but those properties mean that it would not make a good table!  Ask us which material we thought would be the most suitable for making a rabbit hutch or a vase, and why.

We hope you all have a relaxing weekend.

From the Class Two Team

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