Friday 2nd October 2020

Dear Parents/Carers,

Well the children have come to the end of their second full week in school, what a busy week it has been!

In phonics the children have started to learn the letters sounds that they will need to start reading and writing. They have learnt s, a, t, and p. The children have learnt the Joly phonics action that corresponds to these sounds and have been shown how to write the letter. We will continue to recap these and learn new ones over the coming weeks. You can view/singalong to the Jolly phonics songs the children are learning here:

they are in the order that they will learn them.

While sharing the story of Owl babies this week we have talked a lot about speech bubbles ad thought bubbles. The children will begin to see these in the books that they bring home so it is important to talk about them. Thought bubbles show us what a character is thinking and speech bubbles tell us what the character is saying.

Last week we used our hands for printing. We created a border for our ‘Class R display’. This week all the children have looked carefully at their faces, eye colour, hair colour and the shape of their face. We talked about making sure they were choosing colours for a reason.

These are the finished Class R portraits.

Please can we ask that all children have a change of clothes in a carrier bag in school. We have very few spares so this would really help for when the children have accidents. Please make sure everything is named.

When your child is planned to be the focus child for the coming week you will receive and email from the office on a Thursday. There will also be a hard copy of the form to complete in their book bag. Please can you return these by the following Wednesday.

If you have any ‘wow moments’ for your child’s learning journey; learning that your child does at home that makes you smile. Please email You can also contact us on this email address if you have any queries or concerns and we can arrange an opportunity to meet at a social distance or zoom.  If your query/information is urgent please always contact the office.

Thank you to all those who attended or sent apologies for the reading meeting on 1st October. I will ensure that the PowerPoint is placed onto the website for reference, if you have any questions about helping your child to read at any point during the year please let us know.

Have a great weekend and a good rest.

Best Wishes,

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