Friday 9th October

Dear Parents/Carers,

In phonics the children have now been introduced to the first eight sounds from ‘Letters and Sounds’ these are s, a, t, p, I, n, m, d. The children have also started to learn how to blend to read words. Below you will find some interactive game links. You can also play the games suggested on the letter send home with the eight flashcards attached. – children read a word and pick a picture to match the word they have read. – this is more challenging as there is no a picture clue. They then have to blend the word and decide if it is a real word or a alien word.

We have been hot seating characters from ‘Owl Babies’ this week. The children have taken on a role and answered questions such as – Do you have any brother/sister?  How did you feel when your Mummy left the nest?

We have been talking about families this week. We have talked about what a family is and who is in a family. You could help your child to understand their family by creating their family tree. Talk about the family that live in their house with them and also the more extended family. Are there any members of your family that are not human? Cats/dogs?

If you have any ‘wow moments’ for your child’s learning journey; learning that your child does at home that makes you smile. Please email

The reading meeting PowerPoint is now available to access on our Class R page, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Have a great weekend.

Best Wishes,

Miss Zimmerman, Mrs Bowden, Mrs Mathews and Mrs Conway.

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