Friday 9th October

Quick up date on the last couple of weeks for you.


English work has been focussed on skills – grammar, reading and spelling most notably. The intention is to develop their ability to analyse and make links rather than just learn facts by wrote.


In maths we have waded into the trickier territory of division, in which we are looking at a variety of techniques included long and short division as well as using factors.


Other areas:

Been having a lot of fun on Fridays with ‘Cultural Reference Point Friday’. For a couple of weeks at a time, we look at a particular decade, starting with the 1900’s. We look at the different technologies of the times, focussing on common items such as cars, planes, cameras, while also taking a close look at the changing status of women and racial tolerance. We do all this through the umbrella of music. Each decade we track the music of the time and link it to the events taking place at the time to see how, changing social views or traumas such as wars can affect the musical approach.

We are currently immersed in the 1910’s, in which we are looking at silent movies.


Nature Art:

We have been collecting acorns and sticks from the near-by oak trees and then making little characters out of them using glue guns. They are quite charming, and as soon as the display is up, I’ll take a picture for you to see.



Lovely to see the different groups rehearsing and performing little skits in a French restaurant, under the watchful eye of Mrs Steele and to the sound of some rather stereotypically French elevator music…



Having established why WWI began, we have now landed in the trenches. We will stay here for a little time, while we study what life was like for the soldiers on the front line on both sides.





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