Friday 9th October

Class 4 have had another busy week. In English we have been writing diary entries from the girl in The Promise thinking about her life and the city that she lives in. We have been working hard on using boastful adjectives and sentence of 3 for description. In reading we have continued to explore the book and have also been completing further work on literal questions.

In maths we finished off our work on representing numbers in different ways and we have started to look at number lines to 10,000. We have been accurately positioning numbers on the line as well as estimating where numbers would go.

In history this week we found out about food and farming in the Maya civilisation. We learnt that the farmers used terrace farming in order to be able to plant crops on the side of a hill and we looked at the importance of farm land being near water. We found out that maize was a really important food source and that the Maya even made bread from it. Next week we will be looking at chocolate which the Maya loved!

We are really looking forward to creating our green space next week, thank you to everyone who has offered to donate items. We will share some photos of the end result!

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