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Head's Welcome

Head's Welcome

I am delighted and honoured to have been appointed as the new Headteacher of Crowmarsh Gifford Primary School, and I’m very keen to get to know all our pupils, parents, carers and staff.  

I love being a Headteacher, enabling children to shine. From my twelve-year experience of being a Headteacher, I know it takes compassion, strength & kindness, as well a happy team of like-minded people to make this happen. A successful and happy school depends on all of us working together. One of my core beliefs is ‘treating others as you would be wished to be treated yourself.’ 

Crowmarsh Gifford Primary School, has a history of success. I am looking forward to learning more about the school so that as we move into in this new chapter we do so as school community. 

As parents and carers, you make an important contribution to your children’s achievements, and I’m excited to build on the relationship between you and the school for everyone’s benefit. 

I will be available in the playground/at the school gate before and after school, so please do say hello. 

Mrs Eaglen 


Dear Friends,

I welcome you to the website of Crowmarsh Gifford CE Primary School.

In the Preamble to the National Standards of Excellence for Headteachers (DFE January 2015) it states the following:  “Headteachers occupy an influential position in society and shape the teaching profession. They are lead professionals and significant role models within the communities they serve. The values and ambitions of headteachers determine the achievements of schools. They are accountable for the education of current and future generations of children. Their leadership has a decisive impact on the quality of teaching and pupils’ achievements in the nation’s classrooms. Headteachers lead by example the professional conduct and practice of teachers in a way that minimises unnecessary teacher workload and leaves room for high quality continuous professional development for staff. They secure a climate for the exemplary behaviour of pupils. They set standards and expectations for high academic standards within and beyond their own schools, recognising differences and respecting cultural diversity within contemporary Britain. Headteachers, together with those responsible for governance, are guardians of the nation’s schools.”

Learning and leadership are central to the ethos of our school, where both adults and children not only always give their very best but go above and beyond what is expected.  We work hard to ensure that the curriculum is exciting and stimulating, where children can utilise all of their talents and inquire about the wider world around them. This is a place where everyone learns, where everyone is challenged and everyone is inspired.

We look forward to meeting all of you and getting to know your family and hope that if you are not already a part of this dynamic school, you make an appointment to come and see us for yourself. In the time being, we hope that this website gives you an insight into our school life.