June PE

What a great fortnight for PE at our school.  On the 7th June our Year 5 / 6 swim team did themselves and the school proud at the swim gala at Gillots School in Henley.  Previously the team met and decided on which stroke they would undertake in the gala with very little adult input.  We were very proud of their maturity and consideration of others.  The children had a number of individual first and second places and reported back about what a great experienced this had been.


Our summer programme of Sport is well underway.  The 12th June saw us playing a friendly Rounders game at Cranford House School.  Our team of 12 children from year 4 had previously received some excellent coaching by Mrs Hermsen and played as part of their PE lesson.  The children have been developing their skill in batting, throwing and catching.  All the children had a great afternoon!


On the 14th June Year 3 class went to Wallingford School for an afternoon of developing their tennis skill playing with four other local primary schools.  They developed many tennis skills including backhand, forehand and serving.  The children were split into groups with the other schools and spent time at each station developing a particular skill.

Florence said “it was great to practise all the different things”.  I didn’t know I could do backhand”

Monday saw the start of netball skills training for year 4 with Mrs Hermsen.  We are incredibly fortunate to have Mrs Hermsen coming into school on a Monday lunchtime to offer netball skills.  This week the children worked on passing and receiving the ball and pivot turns.  It was fantastic to see the children progress so well within half an hour of coaching.


This Tuesday saw the Year 5 / 6 Cricket team do themselves proud.  Our team of 24 budding cricketers took on Benson Primary and Brightwell on one of the hottest days of the year!  Crowmarsh hosted the cricket match at Crowmarsh Pavilion.  Thank you to the parents that made the matches to cheer our young team on.   We were so pleased with how the teams helped each other with great sportsmanship.  The game saw lots of boundaries and wickets.  There was some great batting.

“I had a great time and it was really fun.  We worked extremely well together and we got loads of 4s, 6s and wickets” Reuben (Joint Captain)

Do we have any other parents with sporting ability out there that would be willing to offer  lunchtime or after school coaching in any sport?  Mr Baroni and Mrs Hermsen have really helped progress our children with additional coaching in Tag Rugby, Hockey, Rounders and Netball.  It’s been great to see the children gain in sports skill and overall confidence.


Mrs Scott

PE Coordinator

22nd June 2017

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