Charging and Remissions Policy

Charging and Remissions Policy

Parents will be asked to make voluntary contributions throughout their child’s life at school.  These contributions will be asked to go towards school outings, swimming, and other similar activities.  Very often the PTA will help subsidise some of the school activities and trips.  Parental permission will always be sought before any such activities but they do form a major aspect of our school curriculum.  Participation in all of these activities is highly encouraged as they are always planned in detail to further inspire children’s love of learning.

In order to remove financial barriers from disadvantaged pupils, the governing body has agreed that some activities and visits where charges can legally be made will be offered at no charge or a reduced charge to parents in particular circumstances.  If the parent/guardian of a pupil is in receipt of free school meals, various charges may be paid by the school in full.

Please use the link here to see the full policy, or find it under our Policies tab.

For further guidance in relation to this please visit: DFE Guidance on Charging and Remissions Policies

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