Kindness Can Make All The Difference…

As you know, we have been talking a great deal about Random Acts of Kindness.  The children have all been set the challenge of going above and beyond, showing kindness to those in school and out in their community.

When Mark Russell returned on Friday, it was amazing to hear the children speak about their random acts of kindness and how they were more aware of trying to help others.  Stories like George, who shared how he had gone out of his way to help his brother with his homework, Neve, who set to work cleaning the entire cloakroom without being asked, James and Peter, who during their tennis practice, said they were running laps and then slowed down on the last lap to help someone who was struggling to keep up.  It’s stories like this that we want to keep hearing, stories where our children are examples of kindness every day.  It is just another strand of the ‘manners’ that go ‘above and beyond’ that we expect from our children here at Crowmarsh Gifford.

Many of you will have already seen our video that was Tweeted out.  However, if you haven’t now is your chance.  Thanks to the inspiration from Mrs Bridges after watching an example on YouTube, we decided to try the experiment out in school.  We randomly selected four children from class 5 and 6 and Mr Sharman has put together the final video of our afternoon.

Random Acts of Kindness Video

The response was amazing.  We had letters, e-mails and Tweets of thanks from family members and the recipients themselves.  On Friday, we showed the video to the whole school and then I read the following handwritten letter.

Dear Mrs Barton, Amber and Emily,

I had the most wonderful and totally unexpected experience today when i became the recipient of your experiment, “Random Acts of Kindness.”  I must thank you, the staff and children of your school for this day.  I was helping my daughter and my two grandchildren with a few tasks and we were just returning to the car park when we met.

Since returning home, I have thought about kindness.  I do consider myself a kind person, but his has made me realise that I could do more and I will.  In the hustle and bustle of life, it is perhaps too easy to overlook such acts beyond the immediate family.  I shall remember this act of kindness always as one of those unexpected, yet treasured moments.  I am an avid reader, but I think I shall choose a special book and annotate it to consolidate this memory.

For you, Amber and Emily, I hope that you gained something as well.  The pleasure of being kind, seeing another person’s happiness allows us to touch lives.  Your school is obviously wonderful!  I’m sure that academic standards are high and that you all work very hard.  However, there is more to live than tables and spellings and I am sure that happiness is the most important.

Thank you, Mrs Barton and all your staff for facilitating this.  Your girls have set a fine example and, as a family we will double our efforts to achieve your standard!

May I wish you all success in your studies and great happiness in your lives.

With great appreciation,


For me, as headteacher, this is what it is all about.  What an amazing and unforgettable experience for us all.

We are hoping to make ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ a termly event….so keep posted.

Until then, keep spreading the happiness and changing lives….

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