March 2017

 “Don’t stop when you’re tired.  Stop when you are done” Unknown

 A Phenomenal Team of Runners and  

a Proud Day for Crowmarsh Gifford C of E Primary School

Cross Country at RAF Benson

Saturday 25th March 2017

What a proud day for our School and our team of 42 eager runners spanning Year 1 to 6.  Nearly one fifth of the children from our school had turned out for this race, on a Saturday too!  With the weather on our side and a great crowd of runners from many schools, incredibly supportive and encouraging parents and grandparents there was a wonderful air of excitement.

RAF Benson Primary School had done themselves proud with a slick cross-country race that ran like clockwork.  RAF Benson also worked very hard in ensuring everyone got onto the base without any hold-ups.

With staggered start times the children started arriving for their races.  Races were starting at a distance of 650m for Years 1 and 2 up to 1700m for Year 6. Race after race, the children who had to present their race place number back to the Crowmarsh School registration desk arrived with a smile on their face looking very pleased with themselves and rightfully so!

Here’s some of the comments from the children who raced …

“I loved my sprint finish, I managed to overtake at the end, it felt good.”  Peter Year 6

“Crowmarsh School looked really organised with the flag and everything.  I had a rush of adrenaline the whole way around.  There was such a scramble to the finish.  When I got the medal I felt pride and a big sense of achievement.   I will definitely do it again!” Cameron Year 6

“It felt really good getting my medal!”  Chris Year 4

“I felt both happy and exhausted!”  Krists Year 4

“When I finished the race I fell on the floor as I was so tired, I was so excited too.  I was very pleased with myself”  Ava Year 4

“I thought it was scary and nerve wracking but when everyone was cheering me on I felt confident and kept going.”  Florence Year 3

‘When’s the next race?  I was worried in the beginning, I thought I couldn’t do it but I surprised myself.”  Oliver Year 3

“I loved running the race, it was nice to cheer people on and encourage them.”  Ellen Year 2

“The race was really good fun.  It felt really long, the best bit was the sprint at the end.  I was surprised and very happy that I came 3rd.”   Samui Year 2

‘It was really good fun.  I was scared but I knew I could do it.  I thought I would come last but I did very well.  I ran out of breath in the middle so ran really slowly and then found some energy.”  I’m looking forward to running again and doing even better.Isaac Year 2

‘I felt proud, I tried my best.”  Finlay Year 2

‘I felt pretty good at the end.”  Olivia Year 1

“I really enjoyed it.  I have never been so tired in all my life’ Maxim Year 1

A medal presentation took place at the end of the races with medals awarded by the RAF Benson Station Commander.  Three Crowmarsh children won medals.  There was apprehension in the air as the overall winners of the John William Stacey Memorial Cup were read out.  A loud cheer was heard when Crowmarsh School was given 2nd place with RAF Benson School coming 1st.  Everyone from Crowmarsh who ran in the races had a part to play in securing 2nd place.  Well done everyone who ran and thank you to all parents and grandparents who came along and supported and encouraged the children.













We are pleased to carry on with our running theme next term and will be starting a Thursday after-school running club (3.15-4.10) after the Easter holidays (staying on-site this will be a mixture of games, distance and speed work) for KS2 before May half term and Years 1 and 2 after half term.  If your KS2 child is interested then please let me know via the office as soon as possible.  This will be first-come first-serve basis.

We will continue to give sporting updates in our Newsletter and on the website.  Please help encourage and support your child(ren) to take part in future tournaments as we are continue to raise the profile of PE at our school.

Tracey Scott

PE Coordinator

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