Multiplication, Wonder and Diary Entries!

We can’t believe we only have one week left!

Last week we looked at more multiplication problems, thinking about what actually happens to the numbers when we multiply by 10, 100 and 1000 and then looking at multiplying by one digit and two digit numbers.  We are looking at a range of methods to solve these questions, including moving onto the bar model next week.

We have looked further at prime numbers, square numbers, factors and multiples.  We continue to revise key multiplication skills in the afternoons.

If you would like to practice here are some great website to help:

Factor Trees

Thinking Blocks – Multiplication

Sieve of Eratosthenes

Rectangle Multiplication

In English, we continue to read Wonder.  We have looked at Precepts and begun to think of our own – we will eventually finalise one to put with our self-portraits that we have done ‘Wonder’ style.  We have been focusing on writing from different perspectives, thinking about language, viewpoint and opinions that different characters would suggest.  Therefore, we have written a few diary entries from characters from the book, thinking about these key success criteria.

In science we have been looking at plants and life cycles.  We dissected plants and begun looking at their detailed parts and using this to inspire watercolour sketches.

Next week we will continue to look at various methods to solve multiplication and to begin looking at a range of word problems and missing number problems.

In English, we will continue thinking about perspective and write a missing chapter for Wonder.

In ICT we will continue to compose our own rhythms and beats using Ipads.

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