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Naming clothes

The children have now started changing for P.E sessions. Please ensure all your child’s clothing is named as this allows them to be independent and also limits distress from children when they have misplaced an item of clothing.

Spare clothes

Please ensure that your child has spare clothes in school in case they get wet or very dirty. Please ensure your child is aware they have spares in a bag.

Wellington Boots and coats

We have had a few wet days now. It is important that your child brings wellingtons and coats into school every day. They have wellington boots holders and pegs so their kit can stay in school if you prefer not to bring it and take it home every day.


There are a few children that are choosing to drink milk who are not on our milk list. Please could you check with your child if they are having milk at snack time. If they are please ensure you have filled in a ‘milk form’ so that we can ensure enough milk is delivered to school for your child to enjoy milk. It is free for children under 5.


If you are ensure which house your child is in please feel free to visit the classroom. It is on the display board to the left as you go through the door. If your child has an older sibling in school they will be in the same house as them.

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