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Early Years
Foundation Stage

Early Years Foundation Stage

Information about Foundation Stage

Welcome to the Foundation Stage at Crowmarsh Gifford School. In Foundation Stage we believe that every child is a unique child. We aim to build positive relationships with your child as soon as possible with several opportunities to meet the team in their in our Foundation Stage before your child starts with us. We create an environment which enables your child to develop their independence and develop in their own way at their own rate.

The Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage (DFE, 2021) is our statutory guidance. We are currently shaping our Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum based on Development Matters (DfE, 2021) so that the children develop the skills, knowledge, understanding and motivation that they need to be effective learners as they continue their Learning Journey. The children are given learning opportunities, activities and experiences which incorporate the seven areas of learning. Teaching and Learning is largely through a play based learning approach as well as through small group learning and adult focused sessions, either with the class teacher or in families with your child’s key person.

“Three areas are particularly important for building a foundation for igniting children’s curiosity and enthusiasm for learning, forming relationships and thriving.” (Statutory Guidance for the Foundation Stage (DFE, 2021) These three areas underpin our curriculum. Communication and language, physical development, personal, social and emotional development. These along with Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the world and Expressive arts and design are taught through the interests of the children following a theme based approach. In Class R each term in class the children have a discussion about what they would like to learn and their learning is planned around the questions they have or the themes they are interested in. In Preschool these areas of learning are taught through children’s interests in the moment.

Our timetable changes throughout the year depending on the development of the children.

In Reception our timetable includes; phonics, adult focus time, child led learning, maths, quiet time, and handwriting; write dance, dough disco, squiggle and wiggle or practising letter formation. On a weekly basis the children have a hall session and the children walk around the local area on a Monday morning as an opportunity to learn the importance of road safety and staying safe out and about. On a Friday all the children engage in their child led learning outside for our ‘Fresh Air Friday’. Our curriculum is enhanced as much as possible with trips and visitors.

In Pre-School, our routine includes child – led learning, short adult – led sessions which include phonics and maths games and story and circle times. Each key person works 1:1 to support their key children to meet their individual next steps.

The Early Years Foundation Stage use the outdoor environment as an extension of the classroom and during child led learning the door is always open so the children can freely access indoors and outdoors. We also use the outdoor environment for adult led sessions where appropriate to enhance the learning experience.

Open Mornings

We are holding open mornings for prospective parents with children starting school in September 2023 
Wednesday 5th October at 9am
Wednesday 12th October at 10.30am 

There is no need to book a place