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Crowmarsh Preschool Policies and Procedures

1.0 Child Protection

2.0 Suitable People

3.0 Staff Qualifications, Training, Support and Skills

4.0 Key Person and Parental Involvement

5.0 Staff:Child Ratios

6.0 Health

7.0 Managing Behaviour

8.0 Safety and Suitability of Premises, Environment and Equipment

9.0 Equal Opportunities

10.0 Information and Records

12.0 Internal Policies

If you would like a copy of all/any of these policies or procedures please ask the Manager or a member of the Preschool committee.

Crowmarsh Preschool’s policies help us to make sure that the service provided by the preschool are of a high quality and that being a member of the preschool is an enjoyable and beneficial experience for each child and her/his parents.

The staff of Crowmarsh preschool work together to adopt these policies, which are reviewed regularly enabling the preschool to provide a quality service for its members and the local community.