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Pupil Voice & Leadership

At Crowmarsh, we take pupil voice very seriously and have a number of leadership positions to help influence policy and practice in school.  Below you can find out a little bit more about some of these very important roles.

School Council

We are a group of elected children across the school who help make decisions regarding a number of key issues.

Learning Detectives

Learning Detectives officially began last year (2015) with Diana Pardoe coming in to train our first cohort of elected leaders.  We are a group of ten children who observe learning across the school. Last year, we wanted to see what the impact of our observations had upon the learners so we worked alongside Mrs Barton to complete a research project.  We created an observation checklist of ‘learning traits’ we expected to see children displaying while learning.  To ensure the whole school understood what we were looking for, we planned an assembly highlighting the key learning traits.  Last year, during our research year, we observed learning in reception class to class 4.  We then gave feedback to the learners and the class teachers.  Near the end of the term, we then carried out another round of observations to see if children had improved upon the areas that we had suggested as next steps.  Following these observations we found some areas that we wanted to develop the following year.

Therefore, this year, we are developing lessons that we will be delivering to all classes across school. The focus will be on ‘Learners asking questions.’ The reason for this, is that a key area that we found during our research last year, was the lack of children asking a range of questions to both teachers and their peers during learning activities.  Following our lessons, we will continue with our observations to see if this area has improved across the school.  We will then be responsible for training the next cohort of Learning Detectives and helping them create a newly revised observation checklist based on what they think make effective learners.

Eco Council

Worship Team

Playground Leaders

House Leaders/Deputy House Leaders

Sport Leaders


Our librarians are responsible for keeping our library organised and up to date with the newest books and magazines.  They also organise termly competitions for children across the school.  Currently they are running a reading competition to see how many books children can read during the year.  They are also organising the Bananagrams challenge during lunchtimes.

If you have any pictures of your children being #phenomenal readers or writers, the librarians will put their picture up on the #BePhenomenal board.