Purple Learning Week and the Thames Run and Summer Fayre

What an amazing end to a spectacular week!

This week marked our second Purple Learning week.  Throughout the week we had key themes that we focused on, weaving in the key elements into every lesson, maths, English, science….Monday was about setting goals, Tuesday was about reflection, Wednesday was looking at the Learning Pit, and Thursday and Friday focused on collaboration and team work.

Purple Learning underpins everything we do at Crowmarsh.  We know that learning the skills of how to be the most effective learners, will ensure that all pupils learn to be independent and learn how to challenge themselves in all aspects of their learning.  Teaching these skills last for a lifetime.

On Tuesday this week we welcomed Diana Pardoe back into our school.  She led a fascinating session on learning for parents.  It was great to see many of our new parents join us.

Finally, on Sunday, we celebrated with our annual Thames Run and Summer Faye.  The weather was beautiful and we had a huge turnout.  A massive thank you to our PTA and dedicated parents who help support our school to be the amazing place it is.  We couldn’t do it without you!

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