Shine Your Light…

“Let Your Light Shine…” ~Matthew 5:16~

What an incredible start to the term we have had.  Everyone has come back into school determined to make this the best year yet.  In collective worship we have been discussing how we can make each day better than yesterday.  It’s not much different to what we ask the children to do with their writing.  Each new piece, we ask them how it is different to the last – in year 6, they have to prove that each piece is ‘significantly’ different to the last.  It’s about how we improve – how we get better at what we are doing – taking small steps to reach the goals we set.  Filling in these ‘gaps’ and improving upon them is what progress is all about.

You may have realised that our strap line has changed from “Working in Partnership for Success”.  This is still very much what we do – we maintain very strong links with partner schools, secondary schools and further afield to seek best practice, but as a school community we felt this was a business oriented strap line – one that’s been part of the school for years and years, well before I joined.  Therefore, we decided it was time to change it to something that fit our school and our children.  For the last few years the children have always heard me talking about ‘shining their lights’.  What this means is that we all have our own special light – a light we need to use to encourage others, to bring light to the dark and to really shine in what we do, both learning and in character.  After voting with the children and with staff, this seemed the perfect fit.  The children know too well the quote below – in fact, many have memorised it and recited it to the whole school during collective worship.  It fits with what we do with a school – what we want from everyone in our school community.  We want us all to shine our lights – to be a beacon for our community – to be proud of everything we achieve.  As we tell the children every day…don’t let anyone ever dim your light.  Above all, don’t change for anyone – be you and be the leader that stands out from the rest.

Here’s to a phenomenal year ahead.

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