Spring Term 2 2017

Year 3-4 5 A Side Football at Wallingford School

Thursday 9th February 2017

It was a freezing cold day but that didn’t deter the 5 A Side team.

“Football was a really good experience despite the cold.  Pastor Simon was a great coach.  We had lots of fun even though we didn’t win.”


Year 3-6 Cross Country at Rotherfield United FC

Thursday 9th February 2017

It was a cold crisp day, we needed to keep moving to keep warm.  The course was a mixture of school playing field and around the perimeter of a rugby pitch.  It had a slope between the two areas and an avenue of trees that we ran between.

“We all tried our best and completed the distance”.

“I enjoyed competing against other schools, it made us really motivated.”

“The cross country was long, tiring but enjoyable.”

“People were cheering us all along the course, this was great.”

“Everyone did really well and tried their best.”

“There was a good team spirit and the organisation that ran the event made it really competitive and successful race.”

“I would love to do it again.”

Year 5-6 Hockey at Wallingford School

Monday 27th February 2017

It was a cold afternoon with a very heavy downpour just before we started playing.  This weather did not deter the strength of character of our teams.  The tournament was run in heats with schools providing two or three teams.  Crowmarsh provided two teams.  We had a mix of boys and girls in Years 5 and 6 in each team.  Captains came forward and asked to lead the teams – everyone worked so well together getting the team into position.

‘We played well and remembered to congratulate our opponents regardless of score.”

“The hockey tournament was really good fun because we played well and tried our hardest which paid off as the B team got into the final.  We came second in the final and qualified for the county games.”









Year 3-4 High 5 Netball at Wallingford School

9th March 2017

It was a lovely warm day and everyone was keen to play.  There were 3 teams, these were made up of all boys from Year 3 and boys/girls from Year 4.

“They say it’s the taking part that counts.  At the netball we all learnt this the hard way.”  We had great fun and won many games.  Taking part was great!  We now know how to play netball, in fact we are netball superstars!”

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