Week 1 (10/1/20)

Happy New Year! We hope you had a fantastic Christmas break. Thank you so much for the kind cards and gifts – we are really looking forward to booking our experience, lots to choose from!

We are starting our new topic this term which is Geography based. We started by thinking about what it means to be a geographer and what skills we need to be using in this topic.

In maths we have been looking at multiplication as ‘groups of’ and the children have been trying to recognise, make and add groups of different numbers. We have also spent time looking at the 3 times tables – both the multiplication and division facts. Any times table practice you can help with at home would be greatly appreciated and will really help the children especially this term as our main focus in maths will be multiplication and division.

We started this week in English by writing a story based on a picture called ‘Hatch’ The children drew a picture of what animal they thought had hatched and based their story on this. We have begun to look at our class book for this term ‘Leon and the Place Between’ and the children have started to write ‘sentences of 3’ for description.

In our Guided Reading sessions this term we will mostly be working as a whole class on our reading comprehension to make sure we are confident with how to answer questions accurately. We will also continue working on our reading fluency. This week we have learnt about what ‘inference’ questions are and had a go and both writing and answering them.

In ICT we started to search for pictures on the internet and practised copying and saving them onto different programs. We aim to find pictures to edit using Microsoft paint 3D later in the term.

PE this term will be gymnastics, we focused on shapes and balance.

This week we finished off looking at what plants need to grow and plotted the results from our investigation.

In RE we started looking at whether Jewish children are free to choose how they live.

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