Week 1 (22/04/19)

Okay so we have now started out SAT’s run up. For the next three weeks we will be rehearsing papers and then breaking them down to develop some test technique and confidence under pressure.


It’s worth noting that we have actually been doing a lot of preparation over the last five months. The maths problems have all been taken from old SAT questions; the arithmetic in class has been steadily developed to test speed as part of the daily routine; the reading in class has developed the skills needed to improve fluency and comprehension using SAT format questions.


I could go on, but I am certainly very happy with the balance. The class will be fully prepared by the time we hit the SAT’s in the week of 13th May, but at no sacrifice to the rest of the curriculum and hopefully with no undue pressure being piled upon them.


The next two weeks will take the same format as this week so maths and English work remain centre stage, however the other subjects remain in place.


Other subjects:



Having completed our studies into earth and space we are now about to take a look at natural selection and evolution.


Next week we will begin to look at warfare in England through the ages, starting with the Roman invasion, which is always interesting.

Art will continue to track Cultural Reference Point Friday as we head into the 70’s.


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