Week 1 (25/02/19)

(Apologies for the strange formatting of these word documents. I seem to have developed a glitch.)


Well it’s certainly been a busy start to the new term.




The latest piece of composition is finished with some wonderful results. There has been a lot of learning taking place and although the brief has been challenging, the children have risen to it really well. The main focus of the teaching has been to try to create a need for different writing styles so that elements such as subordination, for example make sense as a mechanism to cure a problem rather than something that has to be used in a writing by numbers way. In doing this, the strength of the characterisations has improved as has the strength of the overall atmosphere and imagery.




This week we have started looking at co-ordinates which heads straight into problem solving. We won’t be with this topic much past Tuesday after which we will take a short look at different metric and imperial measures before heading off into area and perimeter for a  couple of weeks.


Meanwhile, we are working hard on the arithmetic element. Each morning we spend a good amount of time working through a wide mix of calculations, exploring best techniques and getting used to working under tighter time pressures.



Other Areas


Our studies of volcanoes is going very well. This week we have started studying volcanoes around the Ring of Fire, trying to discover what makes them so explosive and dangerous.

In science we have been comparing the orbits of the planets and trying to predict how long a Martian year is.


Art has been tracking Cultural Reference Friday by studying a new artist from each decade. There is a wonderful display in the hall of the works the children completed inspired by Lowry. It really is lovely and worth a look. There are other examples of the children’s work outside our classroom and in the reception foyer.




Sorry again for the strange formatting. Hoping to have it fixed sometime soon.







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