Week 1 (28/2/20)

This week in English we have started to read an abridged version of ‘The Secret Garden’. We have explored the first few chapters thinking about Mary and what has happened to her. Throughout the week, we have continued with our inference skills looking for evidence in the text. We have also been continuing to work on our use of speech punctuation and we have been investigating other words for ‘said’. Next week we will be starting to write another story to further develop our use of adjective and adverbs as well as our use of speech.

In maths we have been learning about factor pairs. We started the week by continuing to create factor pairs using the Cuisenaire rods. We then started to look at how to create factor pair rainbows – ask us how to do this! Next week we will be moving on to a more formal multiplication method.

This week we have continued with our river topic and we have explored more about the River Thames. We have followed the journey of the River Thames from its source to the sea, researching key places along the way.

In Computing, we are still working on our stop-frame animations. We have now finished our scenery and have created the characters from play dough. Next week we will be starting to take the photographs needed for our animations.

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