Week 1 (28/2/20)

Welcome back, we hope you had a good break.

This week we started by sharing the story ‘Mr Wolf’s Pancakes’, you could ask your children what Mr Wolf did to all his neighbours! The children then talked about a time they had eaten a pancake and their favourite toppings. Using their knowledge of letters and sounds the children wrote a sentence about pancakes and drew a picture to illustrate it. As a class we talked about why Christian’s have Shrove Tuesday and that it marks the start of Lent. On Tuesday the children took part in Pancake races, they practised holding the frying pan with the handle and we challenged them to do it with one hand! During the afternoon the children helped mix pancake batter, the children then all tried pancake, eating with a knife and fork.

We have now started talking about Dinosaurs, we talked about what we already know about them and asked questions to find out more. We will be aiming to answer these questions over the coming weeks.

This week in Phonics the children have learnt the sounds ‘ear’ like in hear, ‘air’ like in hair and ‘er’ like in hammer. The children are gaining confidence in reading digraphs in words and are now beginning to think about the letters they need to represent them when writing.

In Maths, the children have been learning to place numbers in order. You could practise this at home by placing numbers 0-20 in order. Challenge your child to place a given numbers of numerals in order counting up or down. You could use your number flashcards, magnetic numbers or something else you have at home. You could make your own number stones by asking an adult to write numbers on stones.

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