Week 1 (3/6/19)

Welcome back to Term 6. We hope that you all had an enjoyable half term break.

In English and reading this week we have started our new book which is ‘Stig of the Dump’ by Clive King. We have read the first 2 chapters and throughout this we have been thinking about what we know about Barney and Stig. We have been comparing the two characters and discussing what we know about their lives. In English we have been looking at estate agent leaflets. We started off by looking at examples in order to identify the features and persuasive language that are used. Later in the week we looked at how we can use this persuasive language to describe Stig’s cave. Next week we will be creating estate agent leaflets aiming to persuade someone to buy the cave property.

In maths this week we have completed our work on fractions. We finished off by continuing to find fractions of amounts using a bar model. Towards the end of the week we started learning about decimals. We have been using and understanding the language of tenths and hundredths.

On Monday, we continued with our Computing work. We have been very busy creating and programming our own maze games in Scratch. This week lots of us had a go at making a more challenging game. We will be finishing these off next week and will hopefully be able to have a go at playing each other’s games.

Finally today, we continued with our topic about disease and medicine through history. Having finished our work on The Black Death, we learnt about other significant disease epidemics that have occurred in Britain.  Then we learnt about Edward Jenner and we found out about his discovery of a vaccine for smallpox.


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