Week 1 (3/6/19)

Dear Parents/Carers,

This term we will be learning about London and other cities around the world. This week we talked about what we already knew about London and what we wanted to learn. We have started to talk about some of the different landmarks in London and answer questions about them. We solved the debate about whether Big Ben was the clock or the bell! Have you been to London? If you have any photographs or books about London bring them in to share with your peers.

In maths the children have been creating repeating patterns. They have created them and discussed patterns that we have seen in London buildings. You could encourage your child to find repeating patterns at home or make their own.

In Phonics the children have been recapping all phase three graphemes and practising spelling keywords including was, you, we, he, me, be and all correctly. The children have been looking at pictures of London, discussing what they see and using their phonological knowledge to write sentences about it.

The children have been on the field practising running on the tracks. They are been practising throwing beanbags into a hoop and next week will learn to use the egg and spoon and the sack for thee different races.

Have a great weekend,

The EYFS team.

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