Week 1 (6/9/19)

Class 3 have had a great start to the year and have settled in well and been working hard!

In maths we are practicing our number bonds to 10, 20 and 100 and have been looking at place value in 3 digit numbers thinking carefully about what each digit represents. Try asking your child to explain what this means and if they can draw a picture to show you!

The children have written their first story in Year 3 where they have predicted what might happen in our class picture book ‘Journey’ by only looking at the front cover.

In our topic lessons we answered the question ‘Where are we?’ thinking about continents, countries, counties, cities, towns and villages. We then learnt about physical and human features of geography and tried to identify some of these in our local area. Next week we are hoping to go on a walk around Crowmarsh to look at how the roads have changed. We will send a reminder text but please could the children come in sensible footwear and suitable clothing for the weather that day.

In Science we looked at nutrition including the government guidelines for the amount of fruit/vegetables we should be eating and the recommended amount of sugar that should be in our diet.

Our Art lesson focussed on using watercolours to create a landscape which was linked to the watercolour design from our English Journey.  We hope you get to see the beautiful artwork at some point.

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