Week 2 (04/03/19)

This week we have started our Topic on India. In our English work we’ve begun by looking at a picture of an Indian street market and then describing it. We’ve thought carefully about how we can organise our ideas, how we can start our sentences in different ways and how we can use adjectives to create a picture in the readers’ mind.

In Geography we found India on the world map and looked at the oceans and other countries near it. On a map of India we found the village of Chembakolli; Bangalore, the nearest city; The Himalayas, the closest mountain range and the nearest desert area.

In maths, we have been revising strategies to efficiently add and subtract. We have done this with concrete apparatus, drawing pictures and using a number line. We have compared different strategies and discussed which is the most effective for different types of calculations.

In science we continued to learn about habitats, we started by doing a little bit of work on Polar animals and thinking about the different ways in which they are adapted to their environment. We then moved onto a contrasting habitat and looked at animals that live in the rainforest.

On Thursday it was world book day. It was great to see so many wonderful potato characters. We really enjoyed looking at, and talking about, the characters that we had made. We also went into groups to listen to a book that we had chosen to hear. Ask us to tell you all about the stories that were read to us. Near the end of the day we did ‘Stop, drop and read’, where we had to stop what we were doing, drop everything and read any book that we wanted to.

This morning it was ‘Religion Morning’. We got to visit different classes and find out about 3 different religions; Judaism, Islam and Hinduism. We then carried out an activity based around that religion.


Have a great weekend,

From the Class Two Team



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