Week 2 (10/6/19)

This week we have started looking at a new text but we’ve not read much of it yet. Instead we have been investigating the front cover to see what we can discover about the main character.

We discussed who she might be, her appearance, where we think she lives, what she does all day and what her life might be like.  We then used our imaginations to write in role as the character, including as much detail as we could about her.

In maths we have been using bar models to represent different word problems before we solve them. We had to decide whether the question told us our ‘whole’ or our ‘parts’ and use the information we did have to find the missing elements.  We used addition and subtraction strategies to find the missing amount.  In this example we had to add the two parts to find the whole.  In others, we knew the whole so had to subtract one of our parts to find the missing part.

In science we have continued to search for minibeasts in the school grounds.  Ask us what we found and what their habitats were like.

Using the laptops, we have been learning how to use branching databases in our ICT sessions.  We have been sorting animals using questions that have a yes or no answer.  It has made us look carefully at the creatures to see what makes them different and we’ve had to think about making our questions quite specific.  For example,‘Does it have a stripy body?’  is a much more helpful question than ‘Is it colourful?’

Have a great weekend,

From the Class Two Team

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