Week 2 (10/6/19)

In English this week we have continued to read ‘Stig of the Dump’. We have been finding out about what Stig and Barney have been doing and we looked at the way the author describes how cold Stig is when Barney visits after Christmas. We have also been creating our own estate agent information pages which are aiming to persuade someone to buy Stig’s cave. In the writing, we have made sure that we have included persuasive language and lots of us have tried to use prepositional phrases. We have been working on the computers for a genuine effect.

In maths this week we have continued with our work on decimals. We have been focusing on tenths. We have been learning what this means on a place value grid and we have positioned decimal number on a number line. We have been solving reasoning problems such as ‘how can you prove that 3 tens is different to 3 tenths?’ At the end of the week, we started learning about dividing numbers by 10 to give a decimal answer.

Today we learnt about Victorian medicine and dentistry. We looked at a range of pictures in order to identify what medicine and dentistry might have been like at that time. We also started to look at key medical discoveries that we made around this time and how finally it was possible to survive illness or surgery!

We are looking forward to our visit to the Museum of the History of Science on Monday. Please make sure that all children have coat with them, lunch will be as normal when we get back to school.

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