Week 2 (13/9/19)

Welcome to Class 2. We’re really proud of how well the children have settled in to their new class and have already been doing some brilliant learning.


Since being back at school we have started our London topic. We have thought of lots of interesting questions that we would like to find the answers to. We have read ‘A Walk in London’, looking at all the different landmarks in the city and we have shared some leaflets bout the different attractions in London. We have been focussing, in particular, on non-fiction writing and we have started to create our own fact files about different London. We have written about landmarks, attractions and transport in London. In our topic work we learnt that London was the capital of England and had a go at labelling a map of the British Isles with the different countries and their capital cities.

In maths we have been focussing on working out the amount of tens and ones in a 2-digit number. We have been making 2-digit numbers. We have also practised partitioning numbers into tens and ones using the part-whole model.

In science we are finding out about different materials. We are focussing on why certain materials are used for particular objects. We thought about what might happen if some everyday objects were made of different materials; a window made of wool, for example. We had to think of positive and negative points. We then thought about which material, from a given selection, would be best to make a waterproof jacket.

In art we have produced some wonderful pictures of the London skyline. We then decided if it was day or night in our pictures and made the colour of the sky match the time of day.

Have a lovely weekend

Class 2, Mrs Marsh and Mrs Lucas 

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