Week 2 (14/01/19)

This week has been all about “The Gingerbread man!”

We started the week reading the story and talking about different strategies we need in order to read successfully.

  1. Sometimes the pictures help us to understand what the story is about.
  2. If we are not sure of a word we can read to the end of a sentence.
  3. If it doesn’t make sense we read it again.
  4. Blend sounds together to make a word.

We read different versions of the story so that the child could compare similarities and difference.

On Thursday the children thoroughly enjoyed weighing ingredients and learning new vocabulary to read recipes.

Every child made and decorated their very own gingerbread man and luckily none of them ran away!!


In maths we have been looking at length and the children have been using the words

Long, longer,longest,Short,shorter shortest to describe different objects and compare the length of different things referring to them as being longer than or shorter than.


On Thursday the children were all treated to a “Rock steady” experience and loved singing along to some familiar pop songs and listening to different instruments being played.

You may have noticed that the children all came home with sheets of capital letters on Friday. We are finding that the children are not recognising capital letters when reading unless they have personal significance to them.

Looking ahead we will be looking at the book The Three little pigs and talking about speech bubbles. Please feel free to allow the children to bring in any versions of the story to share at school. This will also link in nicely with The year of the pig for Chinese New Year.


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