Week 2 (15/11/19)

This week we have been investigating newspapers and the features of newspaper reports.  We looked at lots of examples to find headlines, columns, captions and direct speech then we discussed the purposes of these features.  After practising writing headlines of our own, we thought about what people at the time might have told reporters about their experiences during the Fire of London and then planned our own newspaper articles about the Great Fire; we will be continuing to write these next week.

In maths we have continued to look at money. We have been making amounts using different combinations of coins. We had to remember that we don’t have a coin for every amount, so although 17 and 3 add up to make 20, we don’t have a 17p or a 3p coin. We have also been adding coin amounts and working out change from £1. We know that £1 is the same as 100p so, in order to find the difference, we have been using number lines to count on to 100.

E.g. £1 – 53 =

First jump to the next ‘magic 10’ number, then count on in tens.

For your homework can you have a go at this game? Try the counting activity. https://www.topmarks.co.uk/money/coins-game . If your child plays this game, please can you put a short note in their reading record to let us know how they got on? Thank you very much.


In science, we have been using a table to record our findings about which materials can be bent, squeezed, squashed or stretched.

Christmas is getting ever closer so we have started practising the songs for our Christmas performance.  We’ve also started reading through some of our words in class. We will aim to practise words as much as possible in school but may need to send some words home for extra practising.

Have a great weekend,

From the Class Two Team


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