Week 2 (17/1/20)

This week we have been finding out more about life in the Victorian times. We have focussed particularly on what life was like for Victorian children. We have looked at lots of different sources of information to build up a picture of children’s lives in the Victorian times. We have found out about the toys they played with, the houses they lived in and what toys they played with. We then used the information to plan and write our own factual piece of writing called ‘Victorian children at home’.

In maths we have been continuing to learn about division.  We have particularly focussed on solving word problems involving division. We had to read the problems really carefully to work out what the ‘whole’ was and whether we needed to share or group.

Sharing: Mrs Jones decides to give out 20 smarties to 5 children in her class. How many smarties does each child get?

Grouping: Mr Smith has 30 eggs. He puts them into boxes of 6. How many boxes can he fill?

We have focussed on representing division calculations in bar models.


In some of our phonics sessions we have been looking at contractions. We read sentences and had to identify the words that could be ‘squished’ together to make one word. So far we have practised can’t, couldn’t, wouldn’t, shouldn’t, didn’t, won’t, he’ll and she’ll.

In P.E we have been practising our ball skills. We had to make sure that when we threw the ball we aimed it carefully and that it was at the right height for our partner to catch it. We had a go at under arm, chest and bounce passes. We had to see if we could throw the ball right the way round the circle without dropping it.

This week homework has been set. We have to read some text about the Victorians and underline any words that we don’t know the meaning of. We than have to look at 5 highlighted words and write the meaning of these words. Please can this homework be completed and returned to school by Thursday 23rd January.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Marsh, Mrs Lucas & Class 2.

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